Broken iMessage notification sounds/alerts

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by cjhessing, May 16, 2017.

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    Oct 13, 2011
    Hi everyone, currently have this case being sent to engineers by a really helpful guy over at 'Senior Applecare Advisor iOS / Mac+' so they can look into it but thought someone here might have an idea or something.

    Have had remote diagnostics performed on iPhone (6s+) and all tests passed.
    MacBook Pro (late2013) recently had staingate screen replaced and diagnostics tests all passed.

    So when I updated iOS and macOS to their prior updates this situation started (3 weeks ago or so?)
    Before that everything was fine, and having updated again yesterday to the lastest the problem remains.

    So I get an iMessage on both devices, a MacBook and iphone.

    I read it and send a reply from the MacBook. The next message I get back in turn will go off on the MacBook right away but be delayed on iPhone by about 40 seconds (as long as I didn’t read it on the MacBook because then it's read and a read message doesn’t notify on devices right?).
    And vice versa, if I read and send the message on the iPhone, the MacBook will be delayed.

    However sometimes that late alert on the phone will take longer than 40 seconds. Usually 3 minutes if it is going to happen and then the noise that goes of on my phone sounds like 10 messages all arriving at once and the alerts all going off at once, except there is just 1 message. Imagine the alert noise stuttering as if you're getting 10 messages all at once and the sound is trying to catch up with itself.

    I do have several recordings of this, and it happens regardless of the tone used:default, custom, classic.

    Have done numberous 'clean' installs of both Mac OS (using newly downloaded installers) and iOS via itunes.
    No backups restored.
    No 'do not disturb'.
    Bluetooth off.
    On the MacBook the smc and pram all cleared

    The only thing not done is a DFU on iPhone.

    Have tried signing in and out, have tried using only my mobile number for iMessages, mobile and email etc.
    All details on devices match, Apple ID, number being used etc.

    When out and about in town all messages come to the phone just fine and all alerts sound etc (MacBook at home asleep, phone in pocket).

    To be clear so the same info is here as with the engineers:

    Scenario 1:

    I read and reply to the message from my MacBook.

    The reply I receive back sounds immediately on MacBook but is delayed on iPhone for 45seconds - 1minute or so. It is there (on notification screen) if I check manually but the screen does not light up or sound or vibrate for those 45+ seconds.

    Occasionally the phone won't alert me for 2-3 minutes and then will finally alert me with that broken notification sound.

    Scenario 2:

    I read and reply to the imessage on iPhone. The reply (and further replies) I receive back will sound on my iPhone fine but might not sound on the MacBook. I can see in the background that it is there in the imessage window on macos, but the alert sound does not go off and the 'unread' counter in the dock over the app icon does not show a new message either.

    So, if anyone has any ideas let me know and I can suggest it to my contact at Apple and he can pass it to the engineers.

    Ps, no iwatch device complicating things here.

    Sorry for the long post but had to make it all clear as I could :)

    Thanks peeps :)
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    May 31, 2007
    Florida, USA
    I ran into a weird bug where if Bluetooth is turned on on my Mac, I would get no notifications on my iPhone. But if I turned off Bluetooth they would work fine. Try turning off Bluetooth and see if that's the issue in your case.
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    Oct 13, 2011
    Thanks for the idea, but bluetooth is off on MacBook as well as iPhone, I should have specified that :)
    Don't have a use for bluetooth so its always off :)

    ** So I looked at Mac preferences just for fun and bluetooth was on! No idea why, maybe its default? I'v turned it off on the Mac now so will keep an eye on that. Really hope its that simple!

    Thanks for the advice pal, will update as and when things happen.
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    Oct 13, 2011
    Sadly I'm still getting the delayed alerts :(
    Not sure about the alert sound stutter/breaking because that's a random thing out of a whole days messaging but in the case of both 'scenarios' mentioned I still get the delay on iPhone of 45seconds-1min or so for alerts when I'v replied to messages on Mac OS and replies come back to me in turn.

    Still appreciate the bluetooth tip! Cheers for that.
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    Made a simple small video so anyone wanting to hear the audio glitch can do so :)
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    Oct 13, 2011
    Managed to make a video so people can see what is going on and not just hear it:
    The message already arrived on macOS, then after 2 mins still has not arrived on iOS.
    So the video is trimmed down so you don't see a complete 2 mins of blank screen :)


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