iPhone Camera roll removing photos - LOW SPACE


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Jul 13, 2019
Well, I've been running low space for a long time and this led to a sudden disappearing of old photos (actually 5000 of them - the oldest ones) in camera roll. I don't know how how that worked - maybe iOS tried to free up some space by removing the thumbnails (without asking me???).

The main advice is to remove the photos.sqlite and other similar files from PhotoData directory. That did nothing - the restored base still lacked my OLD ones though I could find them all in DCIM folder.

How can I add them back to sqlite??? Thanks a lot!!

All albums with corresponding photos are also emply. All photos that are missing are 4 years or older - it seems iOS consciously removed all thumbnails but doesn't want to restore them though I freed up about 800MB. Besides there're 3 or 4 ithmb files in the thumbnails folder that are 300, 400, 35 and 17 MB. But I don't have enough courage to remove them. There're also other thumbnails in different folders but I don't quite understand the structure and process of restoring of all those photos to camera roll.