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  1. F

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro M2 camera paint chipping

    Hi, I’ve purchased my iPad Pro 11 M2 256GB one days ago and when I unbox it I’ve noticed chipping paint around camera lens… The problem is not many visibile.. but I’m afraid that during next months the paint can go away a lot… Any suggestions? Do you have same situation with latest iPad...
  2. TitanTiger

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Portrait mode freezes

    My wife's phone keeps freezing in portrait mode. Regular video or photo mode is fine but when you switch to portrait mode, if you change the focus from whatever it is when you move to it (from 1x to 2.5x or vice versa), the image blurs and then it freezes. You can swipe back to regular photo...
  3. S

    Other Where do I find the specs on the actual pixels on the camera sensor?

    If I look up Iphone specs, I just get a number of MP. Where do find a number like "1920x1080" so I know the real size of the sensor? Obviously some of the ratios I can select are just cropping off the ends. What is the full size of the sensor on the various Iphones?
  4. S

    iPhone 14(+) iPhone 14 Plus only recording in h264

    As the title says, no matter what I change in the settings everything my iPhone 14 Plus records is in h264. Needless to say I'd prefer to record in h265 for file size reasons. I'm not using my device professionally or anything. Is this maybe a bug? Also I haven't tried any 3rd party app yet...
  5. D

    iPhone 14 Pro Stock camera app on iPhone 14 Pro bug (weird buzzing and vibration and not the same as previous 3rd party app bug)

    Hi, guys, I was made aware of this from someone else on Reddit who asked me to check if it happened on mine. If you set your regular video recording to 30fps / 60fps and 4K, zoom all the way in and pan across your surroundings. It causes this weird buzzing sound with a vibration of the lens too.
  6. I

    iPhone 14 Pro Is my iPhone 14 defective?

    So we all know all the stories about the iPhone camera shaking, but I haven’t seen much about the inability for them to work when there’s light. I bought this on launch day but I don’t use the cameras much so I just noticed yesterday in a concert. I have both a 13 Pro and a 14 Pro. Just look...
  7. jollino

    iPhone 14 Pro 14 Pro: camera occasionally "shifts" when taking photo?

    Hello all, apologies if this has been already mentioned somewhere but I was unable to find anything on the matter (quite possibly as I'm not sure how to best describe it!) I've had a 14 Pro for a few weeks now, and noticed an odd behavior with the camera. Often, but not always, snapping a photo...
  8. S

    portrait mode not working on any video calling via safari.

    hey, selfie portrait mode is not working on any video calling via safari. Which a huge downside, as I have some project meetings that does not have native application but have a website to talk in. and i can't turn on portrait mode in camera mode. I think safari think I am recording instead of...
  9. P

    Iphone 13 Pro camera and Flashlight Not working

    So I recently updated to ios 16.2 and a few days ago my camera and flashlight on iphone 13 pro just stopped functioning. When I open the camera app it just shows a black screen and a x1 zoom, no x0.5 nor x3. The selfie camera also showing a black screen, yesterday i downgraded to ios 15.7 and...
  10. B

    iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 14 camera weird sound

    There is some sound coming from the camera when I open the camera app(iPhone 14 pro max), and my iPhone 12 Pro Max got this problem too. The sound on my iPhone 14 pro max is slightly louder than the sound on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I wonder is it normal? Is it a flaw or something?
  11. DanRO

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Little spots with tele camera 13PM

    Do you guys get these dots on the tele shooter on the 13PM?
  12. O

    iPhone 13 Pro Is this normal?

    hey guys i just change my iphone 13 pro camera recently, does this camera focus situation is normal?
  13. M

    iPhone 13 Pro Front camera autofocus

    I am facing the challenge of buying my first iPhone and because of the camera I am more convinced by the 14 Pro, but the price is a bit high. I don't know if it's worth paying that much extra compared to the 13 Pro - especially since I'm convinced to buy only by the camera, the rest of the new...
  14. Cdshepster

    iPhone 14 Pro [video] Autofocus (bug?) forces cropped lens. Anyone else?

    I’ve often seen when zooming, focusing or just taking photos with my 14pro that the camera often switches between lenses and while trying to make up for the zoom ratio results in lower quality images. See attached video. Outdoor Use Case Scenario: 1x fixed zoom lens selected. Moving quickly...
  15. P

    Camera lens switches in different apps...

    I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but whenever using an app like Instagram or Snapchat to take a photo, the picture that it takes seems to be from a separate lens than the one you're seeing when taking the shot. For example, when you're focusing and about to take the picture, it...
  16. L

    iPhone 14 Pro Black Dot in 1x Camera

    Hey Guys, has anyone else on their iphone 14 pro a black spot when using the 1x Camera ? This really sucks :(
  17. TimmKook

    iPhone 14 Pro (and Max) CAMERA TEST Thread (Troubleshooting)

    GOOD MORNING! If your iPhone 14 Pro (or Pro Max) camera has gone haywire and got all shakey, you might be wondering if the camera module has been damaged. How would you know? Well, that's where this thread comes in. If you have an iPhone 14 Pro (or Pro Max), PLEASE check and let everyone...
  18. Fat_Guy

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Buzzing Camera Module on 14 Pro Models!

    I was actually about to order a 14 Pro Max today and came across this review: The phone was 5 hours old and he says others are having the same problem. Anyone out there know about this buzzing from the camera? Could be a one off, but if others are getting this I may hold off a bit - but...
  19. M

    iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro vs 13 Pro camera

    I want to buy my first iPhone (I already have a MacBook and iPad) - I have Xiaomi Mi9 now. The most important thing for me is camera - I'm taking a lot of photos (often in bars with low light) and record videos on my Instagram account. I also always edit photos in Lightroom. I sometimes print...
  20. M

    iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Click?

    Is anyone else experiencing a click when initializing the camera on their iPhone 14 Pro Max? It seems that sometimes (usually the first time after sitting idle for a few) the camera will produce a click (that you can hear and feel) when first opened. Not sure if this is normal or not.