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  1. dk001

    Shooting on the 13 ProMax through screens - How

    Have run into this a couple of times and have yet to find an easy method. Scene: Looking out my bedroom window and saw a Red Tailed Hawk sitting in the roof of the pool cabana. Whipped up my trusty 13PM, opened Camera, proceeded to take a few quick snaps. Found that AF focusses on the window...
  2. H

    External camera...

    Hi It seems that after the upgrade to Monterey my MacBook Pro (M1) is not working well together with external USB-connected camera. A Sandberg camera that I have tried to connect using other means and ports... Skype and Teams show the video coming in at an extremely low bitrate (appears to...
  3. B

    iPhone 7(+) Camera and microphone stopped working on iPhone 7

    I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 15.1 an suddenly the camera and microphone (to make calls or send voice messages) stopped working. When I try to hit the button to take a picture with the camera, nothing happens (I only see the "press" animation of the button). Yes, the phone fell down from the table...
  4. J

    iPhone 13 mini Camera cover (blocker) slide for privacy

    Has anyone found a front camera cover (blocker) slide that fits the iPhone 13 mini? The notch is so short that I'm concerned that covers will extend vertically beyond the notch, blocking either the screen below the notch or the speaker above the notch. The shortest camera cover I've found on...
  5. JippaLippa

    iPhone 13 Iphone 13 Abysmal Video Quality?

    Hello, everyone I'm a very loyal Apple user, therefore there's no phone for me other than the iPhone, and I recently upgraded from an Iphone XR to a 13 and I love it. Everything about the phone is amazing, especially the screen (once again, coming from the very cheaply made XR). There's one...
  6. Risco

    iPhone 13 Lens flare in videos and pictures.

    I know that iPhone cameras suffer this. But I never noticed on my iPhone XS. I was taking a video for my mother in laws birthday and the candles were causing lens’s flare. This was indoors and artificial light. The show as green dots for each of the candles and went away when blown out. Also...
  7. Idun098TZZ

    Which camera should I buy?

    I'm thinking of buying a new camera but not really sure which one to choose... I would use it for landscapes photography. It should be easy to go around(I like to travel light and comfortable) and get a high quality in pics. Which camera do you use? Can you share a picture so I can get an idea...
  8. P

    iPhone 13 Pro 13pro 4k60 switching camera

    I was recording some video today and have come across something I wasn’t expecting. When recording 4k60 you’re locked to the lens you start recording with. Any zooming is digital and you can’t drop to a wider lens. Ended up recording some in 1x, then switching to 3x whilst recording - which...
  9. A

    iPhone k app - take notes and photos at once

    Excited to announce my 3rd iOS app: k, an app to take notes and photos at once (the instantly launching keyboard and camera). Take photos with text/drawing/plain and take instant text notes, too. If you're interested, please give it a try :) I can't wait to hear what you guys think - and...
  10. V

    Sony Xperia PRO I - 1" sensor

    Xperia PRO-I (I stands for Imaging wtf) SPECS: 166 x 72 x 8.9 mm (6.54 x 2.83 x 0.35 in) 221 g (7.80 oz) SnapDragon 888 21:9 4K OLED 120Hz Display Glass front (Gorilla Glass Victus), glass back (Gorilla Glass 6) IP65/IP68 dust/water resistant CAMERAS 12 MP, f/2.0-4.0, 24mm (wide)...
  11. k24a1

    sonora, ky countryside

    taken on my drive over to sonora from louisville. camera (phone, rather) is an s9+ g965u1. this was rather therapeutic, even saw one riding a literal "horsepower" car. i was surprised they waved at me in my inline-4 powered CR-V... LOL here i have pictures of the countryside. it's beautiful...
  12. scarrz

    Resolved iPhone 13 MINI missing Warm Filter

    Just noticed when In filters on 13mini the last two filters both say “cool” when the one should say Warm. Anyone else have this issue? Take a look at the two screenshots which have different settings but same name. IOS15. Update: must have somehow moved the sliders by accident thus I have two...
  13. J

    iPad App to select/import photos via LARGE thumbnails

    Hey folks, I'm probably going to be very disappointed here, but does anyone know of an app that would allow selecting/importing photos from an external USB-C connected card/camera much like using the Photos app, BUT that features LARGE thumbnails or the ability to see a given image in large...
  14. C

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro Max not switching to telephoto lense

    Why does the 12 pro max not switch to the telephoto lense when selected. Instead it uses the wide lense but cropped in. Sometimes you can see the camera app switch to the correct lense as in this video I took. I noticed this with picture and video.
  15. I

    iPhone 13 Pro Really bad photos with iPhone 13 Pro (+Max) Merged

    So, there's clearly a problem with the photos on my iPhone 13 pro. It's not only me because yesterday I saw a topic here with people reporting the same thing. Basically every single photo I take is automatically modified with evident layers of sharpness, excessive contrast and other things...
  16. C

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera OIS Damage from Massager Vibrations?

    I know there's a lot of discussion regarding the iPhone's camera OIS (optical image stabilization) getting damaged from being directly attached to heavy-engine motorcycle handle bars, and this may seem quite stupid but what about if I was using vibrating back and foot massagers at home? I'm...
  17. C

    iPhone 13 Pro Camera issues with snapchat

    when taking a photo in snapchat, the picture seems overexposed. it only happens when you take the picture and not in the "live view". so it seems like its some post processing thing. I came from an iphone 8 plus and never noticed it. anyone else have this issue? is it snapchat? ios15? the iphone...
  18. J

    iPad mini iPad mini 2021 review its pretty good guys

    Guys I just got the iPad mini 2021. Its pretty good check out my video review here:
  19. topdownjimmy

    What are the iOS default camera settings?

    I'm trying to find what the default, out-of-the-box settings are for Camera in the Settings app, but so far am having no luck. Does anybody know what these are or how I can find them without doing a reset?
  20. lbdesign

    iPhone SE 2 camera crashing

    Since the OS update to 14.7.1, my camera app became mostly useless. I could launch it, and click the shutter button, but then it would crash without saving the picture. The app would only work after a fresh restart, but after a few hours or a day, would crash again. I see that 14.8 is...