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Sep 5, 2016

my friend has a Macbook Pro 13'' that she bought in 2011.She told me the OS was the last one and up to date. Here is her problem: her laptop doesn't turn on after pressing the power button. The screen just stays black, and you cannot hear any sound from the fans or whatever. After quickly searching on the internet, we read about some "quick fixes": resetting the NVRAM and the SMC. After doing the second, we manage to turn on the laptop, but only to see a white screen during a few seconds and then the laptop turning off again.

My friend took her laptop to the shop where she bought it. 12 hours later they called her to told her that the problem comes from the keyboard. They are asking for 80 USD to change it.

I am a Windows user and I don't know that much about Macs architecture, but I have some doubts about changing the keyboard to fix her laptop. She will get her laptop back in a few days. Any help in the meantime would be really appreciated.

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