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macbook pro 13

  1. mattyjoe

    M2 MacBook Pro SSD read/write speeds compared to M1

    Okay, there are a couple YouTubers who have done BlackMagic Disk Speed Tests on the M2 13inch MacBook Pro, and have found that the speeds are SLOWER than the M1 13inch. I've done some investigating and discovered what I think the difference is. MaxTech got a write of 1463 MB/s and read of...
  2. R

    ARM macbook pro 13" vs Intel macbook pro 16"

    I'm in need of a new laptop that will be my main machine for everything (Mostly programming and schoolwork). Quite honestly the 16-inch macbook pro seems like the perfect size, but I can hardly justify it's price as it seems like the 13-inch macbook pro will close the performance gap...
  3. R

    Performance of UHD630 & Seamlessness of GPU switching in MBP 16?

    To make a long story short, I'm contemplating on getting the 16-inch macbook pro or the soon to be released arm-based 13. As the current 16 relies on gpu switching, it has made me concerned about it general performance in day-to-day tasks. How well does the 16 perform in lighter loads (such as...
  4. magooo

    MacBook Pro with 8 Or 16 GB of RAM?

    Hey guys, so Ì planed to buy a macbook pro for uni but Im not sure if I should get the base modell Or if I should upgrade the RAM to 16GB. Im no going to use the macbook for video editing etc just for Word, netflix and normal surfing. edit: I want to use it at least for 4 years thank u very...
  5. ctjack

    Macbook Pro 13 2020 base model is out of stock

    Hello all! It looks like all of the inventories (Apple store) are exhausted even for big cities in US and delivery estimate is only August 31. While Air was restocked at most locations and have shorter delivery time. It looks like it is happening: maybe they are slowly stopping production of...
  6. Z

    How is the battery on your MBP 13" 2020?

    I bought the base model of i5 10th processor, and I have two issues, the MBP was so hot with simple tasks like web browsing, and the battery was draining in a few hours so fast. I think its not normal. How long does your battery last with mixed use of apps and programs?
  7. Hellothere99

    End of the line MBP 15" - Upgrade opinions please!

    Hi all, Long time lurker here – now without my MPB so your advice on what a reasonable hardware upgrade would be appreciated. I have sold my late 2013 15” MBP (Haswell) - 103 Battery Cycles from new that I had going back to Business School / University. 2.3 ghz i7, 16 gb, 1tb pcie ssd, NVIDIA...
  8. ctjack

    CPU comparison chart between Air 2020 and MBP 13" 2020

    Hello dear comrades! Hope you are doing well. It was late evening and i had some spare time to do this chart. I have done it for us, because i am also struggling between an Air 2020 or MBP 13 2020. So i wanted to share results with you. I have read a lot of reviews and at some point lost the...
  9. loco8

    Built-in keyboard and trackpad suddenly stopped working, cursor stuck in top left corner.

    I have a late 2017 13" MBP. Today the trackpad and the keyboard stopped working at the same time. The only thing that works is the power button (and the touchbar). Nothing happened prior to the incident so I don't know why the hell they stopped working all of a sudden. But I've noticed one...
  10. travelsheep

    Replace MacBook Pro keyboard to Magic Keyboard

    Does anyone know if I can "upgrade" my keyboard to the new "Magic Keyboard"? I have a MacBook Pro 13 " 2018 and would really like to have a "real" keyboard, not that sorry excuse for a keyboard I'm typing on right now. Maybe replace the whole top-case without having to buy a new MacBook? Or...
  11. MPW99

    base model mbp conundrum

    side note: bought two XR's in Tokyo no probs Thinking of ordering the new base model MBP with 128gb (I don't need storage). Would I be mad to get 16gb ram? I like to have a lot of tabs open and feel like it would make a pretty powerful machine once the turbo kicks in... who knows, maybe I...
  12. latifatci

    Macbook Pro 2019 1.4 ghz for programming

    I am planning to buy MBP 13” 1.4 ghz i5/16/512. I want to do some ios development and data science. Is it good decision for these? Can i use it for 4-5 years?
  13. H

    what's a good macbook for music production?

    I'm thinking of getting the new macbook pro 2019 with 1.4ghz clockspeed because it's cheaper than the rest. I will only use it for music production -- logic pro x, and A LOT of vsts & plugins. will this be a good choice? or the 2.4ghz will be worth the additional costs?
  14. latifatci

    2019 13” Entry level Macbook Pro vs 2019 13” High-end Macbook Pro which one should i buy?

    Hello everyone! I am confused about which one should i buy. I will use it for ios development and data science. I am a cs student so i want to use it for 4-5 years. 1.4 ghz macbook pro is enough for it? Which one do you suggest?
  15. P

    Question about Macbook pro bateries

    Hey guys! im very confused about macbook's battery maintenance, i just bought a macbook pro retina non touchbar 2017 and i've been watching a lot of videos about: the best ways to keep your battery healthy and all that stuff, i came to the conclution that the best way to keep you battery safe is...
  16. ryansha5

    Let's talk External Displays

    So I am a data analyst and I would like to get a main display to hook up to my 13 inch macbook pro 2017 with touchbar. The issue is, every time I try a new display, I have issues with the picture quality, namely the text is funny. As I am staring at text all day for work, this is maddening! I...
  17. I

    Help! External monitor with MBP 2015

    So my macbook pro 13 inch early 2015 has a cracked lcd and is showing all sorts of colours. I was wondering how I can connect it to an external monitor when I can’t see anything on the mbp’s screen. I have done this to other macbooks, but the real problem here is that it is at the setup page...
  18. AjTee

    Plastic cover for MacBook Pro 2017 - question

    Hello, I would like to buy Tucano Plastic Cover for my MacBook 2017. I have found nice promo on our local shop, but on the website in title is: For MacBook Pro 2016 In my opinion both Mac's tase same dimensions. Will it fit?
  19. jojoj1011

    I need advice on what Macbook Pro I need to get?

    I am looking to buy a new MacBookPro, mainly for music production, light video editing and everyday use for school. I was wondering whether I should get the base model MacBook Pro (2017) with i7 or the MBP 2018 with i5, both laptops will have 16Gb ram. I have heard about heating and crash...
  20. Ing_M

    Install dual boot OSX (10.6.8 and 10.11.6) from two different Time Machines on MBP Mid 2015?

    After spending a couple of nights reading and trying out different suggestions, I'm hoping someone with more experience could help me shine a light on this please (This forum has been great helping me on the way but I have to admit I'm stuck now!) I bought a new MBP 11,5 (Retina, 15 inch, Mid...