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Apr 12, 2001

A new concept has imagined what it could be like if Apple brought the Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPad, utilizing the company's new user interface design and hardware and software integration approach to provide iPad-specific controls and functionality.


The concept created by Parker Ortolani envisions an iPad Pro with thin bezels and pill-shaped cutout to house the TrueDepth system and the front-facing camera on the top of the iPad in landscape mode. Like on the iPhone 14 Pro, the concept highlights Dynamic Island utilizing the pill-shaped cutout to deliver contextual information to iPad users across the entire top of the display in the status bar.


In one instance, Dynamic Island on iPad could be used to show relevant controls in Safari, such as Translate, Reader mode, and the current tab. In other cases, the concept also considers using Dynamic Island for multitasking controls with "Island Menus." The concept implies that the iPad could only be used in landscape orientation, given the placement of the Dynamic Island and pill-shaped cutout.


The concept is purely speculative and imaginative, and given Dynamic Island is still a new feature for Apple, it may decide to wait a few years, if ever, before bringing it to other devices. Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro has received an overwhelmingly positive response from users, with some saying it's "Apple's best design in years."

Article Link: Concept Imagines iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island on iPad


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Feb 6, 2011
I mean, unlike the iPhones, iPad never had the problem with notch, island or whatever bulge Apple would call it?

The pill shaped Face ID proves that Apple could shrink it further, which means upcoming iPad Pro could have thinner bezel yet without protruding front camera.

So while it’s a cool concept, iPad never need any island in the first place.


Mar 13, 2014
Oakland, CA
iPad can get Dynamic Island as a feature but it does not actually need a real, hardware pill to anchor it. Just move the notification and background status data into a pill-like area on the screen that works in both landscape and portrait mode. And leave the cameras in the bezel. When such info is not present, the software pill is also not present. iPad Dynamic Island 101.


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Oct 8, 2013
I doubt, unless iPad switched to OLED. Also on a device that big, a little bezel helps hold it better. The render above is a pain in the butt to use.


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Nov 1, 2019
Linz, Austria
Looks cool. They should do something like this but without the display cutout. A pill is not needed on iPad and would only make portrait mode more complicated.
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