Contacts deleted after merging cards in address book

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    Let me start by admitting that I am a moron.

    I got annoyed that while on my iOS devices all the contacts were fine almost all of them were doubled in my Mac address book. So I went online and read how to resolve the duplicates issue here

    Being a moron I ignored the 1st point and did not back up my contacts but I happily did the other steps and merged my cards. After I was done I realised that instead of having close to 800 contacts in iCloud I now have 41. When I tried to undo the merges the app crashed. As everything was synced I basically have no contacts anymore.

    Is there any way to restore my contacts now or am I completely screwed?

    (I do not know if this makes any difference but I do have a paid storage space on iCloud and my iPhone has been backed up this morning before I screwed the pooch)
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    solved by restoring contacts from the previous date from the iCloud website
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    Are all the contacts still on the iPhone? If so, search the iTunes app store for "vcard export" and use one of the free apps there to export the iPhone Contacts as a VCARD file. Then email that file to yourself on the Mac and import it to OS X Contacts to get everything back.

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