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  1. T

    iPhone/iPad Backing up to M1 Computer

    Does anyone know if the bug has been fixed where syncing/backing up to or recovering from an M1 Mac in any of the macOS versions (beta or stable) from an iPhone or iPad, results in 3rd party apps can not open at all? I had this issue a couple of months ago and I had to do a full restore from an...
  2. ItsTomi

    iPhone SE 2nd gen SE (2020) optical image stabilisation not engaging

    I posted this in the wrong forum section. My iPhones camera app portrait mode is not optically stabilised (the viewfinder is much shakier than the regular Photo and Video modes - resulting in blurry photos). The optical image stabilisation does work in Photo and Video modes so this isn’t a...
  3. ItsTomi

    iPhone SE SE (2020) optical image stabilisation not engaging

    Edit: posted in wrong section
  4. L

    Bug: iPhone 12 Pro Max making multiple calls at once

    So this is really weird. My iPhone 12 Pro Max sometimes call two numbers at the same time. Yes, at the same time. Just today, I called a friend. He answered and we started talking, and 30 seconds into the call I heard a voice mail kick in while my friend was still talking. My phone had called...
  5. X

    Can't click on System Preferences or file dialogs?

    This one has been driving me nuts and I can't seem to figure out what to Google for. I'm on the latest macOS and maybe a week or two ago, out of the blue, whenever a file dialog (not Finder, that works just fine. I'm talking about an app's typical "open file" dialog) opens I can't click on...
  6. lpuerto

    Chess Pawn emoji ♟️ not rendering correctly

    Hey! Has anyone experience this? I don't now if this is the expected behavior, but I don't think it should be like that. And I came by chance to it. When I try to insert the chess paw emoji ♟️ I get the chess paw symbol ♟ instead. It's mainly because the emoji has as font variation the...
  7. H

    SMC errors flooding console - an unacknowledged issue with every M1 Mac?

    I bumped an old thread related to this issue earlier today, but figured it prudent to make another to bring more attention to this problem while everyone is still within their holiday return periods. As you may or may not be aware, there's currently an issue that appears to affect all M1 Macs...
  8. H

    M1 mini - peculiar behavior during sleep.

    Hey all! Loving my M1 mini so far, it's been a rock solid machine. Just having one interesting "issue" if you could even call it that, night after night. I have my mini in a desk setup in my bedroom plugged into a backlit mechanical keyboard and mouse. Sometimes when I go up to the Apple menu...
  9. wozmatic

    BUG: Stopwatch / Timer are dependent on time of day clock. Therefore changing the time will affect your timer.

    If the clock changes the time of day, manually or daylight savings time, it will affect your stopwatch / timer. So if your clock is set to 1:00pm and you start a stopwatch, then after 1 minute you change the time to 1:30pm, your stopwatch will say 30 min, instead it should be 1 minute. Same...
  10. pajako

    OSX Big Sur 11.1 reverts size of open/save windows [Annoying!]

    When using the open/save function (opening a window) I resize it to reflect my needs. A sidebar with sufficient width to read my folder names and a larger window at all to be able to navigate through folders. In previous versions of all OSX-versions if I recall it correctly, including Big Sur...
  11. H

    Lightroom Classic is BROKEN under M1 Macs with Rosetta. BEWARE!

    Hi. I'v just installed LR Classic on my M1 Macbook pro with 8G/256GB, and LR is completely broken. It works, blazing fast, but as fast it's destroying my SSD. It wrote arround 100GB of data in 15 minutes. I have uploaded this video showing the nonsense. When culling a folder with around 1800...
  12. rcorai

    Birthdays Calendar keeps disappearing from Calendar app

    Hi! In Calendar app settings, the option "Show Birthdays calendar" is checked. Then, after a couple of days or so, Birthdays calendar disappears from the app because the option is unchecked on preferences. Even if I reboot my MBP or if I upgrade to latest OS version, the problem persists. It...
  13. Mr. Awesome

    Big Sur - Volume randomly resets to 100%

    I've been using macOS Big Sur on my MBP since June, and recently a problem has come up. My volume level will randomly reset to 100%. Does anyone else have this problem? I've tried resetting the PRAM/NVRAM already. I think the issue may be with the Skype app. Again, anyone have this issue?
  14. Black Baron

    Bug: Gargeband 10.3.4 download library

    The third time I am trying to download the additional sound library. GB always restarts from scratch even though I have already downloaded 7,5GB over the Internet. Most DSL broadband connections make a reset over night. So ... Is there no chance to grab a .dmg image files somewhere so that I...
  15. Black Baron

    Bug: Disk Utility

    Disk Utility > Images > Verify The button "Done" is not showing up properly as it should after the verify scan process was completed successfully. The button "Done" looks as disabled. Regards, BLACK BARON Design / Photo / Art / Music
  16. Black Baron

    Bug: Safari & iOS 14.1

    Discovered a strange bug yesterday. The website looked totally messed up on iOS Safari on my iPhone 14.1. Ironing over a 14.2 update doesn't solve the problem either. I made an entire erase and reset on my iPhone for Safari to work again. What is that Snowden feature? The device name doesn't...
  17. H

    How does Ghost Touch typically occur on the iPhone X?

    Hey all! Super OCD person here with an iPhone X, been vigilant looking for symptoms of ghost touch ever since it was first acknowledged by apple and granted a replacement program. Recently I've been kinda freaking myself out thinking I'm noticing it here and there, but I don't even know if...
  18. vanveengames

    TextEdit bugs

    When you're at the end of the file, at the bottom of the window, hitting enter doesn't scroll the cursor into view, leaving you to type blindly. Also, when opening a slightly larger text file (120kb), hitting CMD+down arrow no longer scrolls to the bottom of the document. It scrolls to wherever...
  19. tongteh

    "Shift key" + "Arrow" doesn't highlight text on Messages App. Try it?

    hi guys, I tried this on two Mac machines and found the same result and I am surprise no one else is reporting this. For me, it only doesn't work on Messages and every where else seems to working fine (safari, chrome, notes, etc) so far.. strange. to replicate: in message app, type anything...
  20. purdnost

    Error When Attempting to Open a Song Found with Shazam That Apple Doesn’t Have

    When I use the new Shazam control in Control Center, and it recognizes a song that Apple Music doesn’t have, I get a Apple Music page saying “You’re already an Apple Music member.” This seems to be a bug, as I imagine I should get a page telling me that the track isn’t offered.