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Oct 26, 2012
sorry if these are stupid questions.

I have an iPhone xs, and a motely collection of charging plugs from the one that came with it to various ipad ones and also various android and amazon ones ive picked up along the way.

I also picked up a 3rd party charging mat. I hardly use it as it charges so slowly.

I keep seeing comments about different charging speeds and apple only giving 5 watt chargers, and considering 18w chargers. also ive been confused about comments about charging mats only charging slower with apple than they do with android.

is there a guide that explains? would buying a faster watt plug speed it up with the lightning cable and by how much? would it speed up the charging mat.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
Your XS can accept a lot of current while charging - to charge the battery faster when it's deeply discharged. If the battery level is at 65% or so, it charges slower, and when above 80%, even slower still to protect the battery no matter how big the power brick is.

For your phone, get the special fast charger Apple recommends for the XS, or get a 12W iPad charger (also recommended) which will only charge it a little slower, but it costs a lot less.

Pay attention though to heat generation while charging fast. Feel the back of your phone. If it gets hot, that's hard on the battery and decreases its lifespan.
In the summer, I can't use a fast charger when it's hot outside- battery gets too hot.


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Jul 2, 2008
Follow the links to the tests in this thread.

Wireless charging is slower and less efficient, but that's the price many are willing to pay for convenience.
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