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Jan 11, 2019
I have just begun to learn to use mouse keys to do certain things and wish to be bound to only MacOS' default mouse keys (No use of third-party programs).

Looking at the interfaces it looks like the usage about the same as Windows' mouse keys operation, but on Windows, there is an option to hold down the 'Control' button to have the mouse move further when you press a mouse key.

I want to emulate that on my Mac, is there a key a can hold down to make the mouse move faster like what the Windows OS allows you to do? I've tried holding down some random keys while using mouse keys and it didn't work as it does on Windows.

Is there a way I can make it so the mouse moves further when a mouse key is pressed ONCE (I don't want to have to hold it down for a long period of time;- I know this increases speed)

Also, if there is a way to select how far the mouse moves per mouse key keystroke (i.e move 5cm every keystroke) that would be very useful. (Non third-party program)


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Sep 6, 2002
The lack of specific information in there is the answer to your question.
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