Deleted all Fonts


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Apr 19, 2011
Hey guys , my ccleaner app just deleted all my macbook fonts so now i have a big problem because never found a download link to have fonts back ...
Could someone help me out by sending me the fonts please .

Screenshot :

Thanks in advance.

If you don't want to do a complete OS reinstall (which I highly recommend), you can try downloading the Mojave installer, opening it in pacifist, and extracting the fonts to the Fonts folder.

Once again, I highly recommend you reinstall the OS.


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Aug 8, 2016
Hard to believe that you deleted those fonts, because System Integrity Protection (SIP) needs to be disabled to do so. If you don´t know, what I´m talking about, it´s likely that you didn´t delete anything important, but do have some other problem.

Yes, you could install your macOS and be done with it. But you could also try:
- Just restart your Mac
- Have a look at /System/Library/Fonts if the fonts are still there
- Boot into safe mode (hold down Shift during reboot) and boot back normal
- remove fontd system and user databases with that terminal command (open Terminal app, paste the following command, press enter, enter your admin password, nothing will be written, that´s just normal, press enter again, close Terminal and reboot):
sudo atsutil databases -remove
If that doesn´t help, you could give us some more details. Describe the steps you did, before the problem arose. Did you try to install additional fonts? What fonts do you see in the three main font folders (/System/Library/Fonts/, /Library/Fonts/ and ~/Library/Fonts/)?