DigiTimes: 5G iPad Pro Models With A14 Series Chip to Launch in Fall 2020


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple plans to release its first iPhone and iPad Pro models with 5G connectivity in the second half of 2020, according to a pair of reports today from Taiwanese industry publication DigiTimes.

The first report claims that the devices will be equipped with 5nm-based A14 chips -- likely A14X for the iPad Pro -- and support a combination of mmWave and sub-6GHz. Qualcomm is expected to supply its Snapdragon X55 modem for the iPhones, but the report does not specify which modem the iPads will use.

mmWave or millimeter wave is a set of 5G frequencies that promise ultra-fast speeds at short distances, making it best suited for dense urban areas. By comparison, sub-6GHz 5G is generally slower than mmWave, but the signals travel further, better serving suburban and rural areas.

DigiTimes believes that both the iPhone and iPad Pro models will likely be announced in September. Apple typically makes iPad announcements in October, but it has used its iPhone event in September to make a few iPad announcements before, including the original iPad Pro in 2015 and the 10.2-inch iPad in 2019.

From the first report:
Based on its 5G product roadmaps, Apple is expected to launch new iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, incorporating both sub-6GHz and mmWave specs probably in September, which will significantly drive up demand for 5nm A14, the sources said.

A14 can be applied to diverse iOS mobile devices for different 5G frequency bands as long as corresponding modem chips and AiP modules are adopted, the sources indicated, adding that Qualcomm will provide 5G Snapdragon X55 modem chipsets for new iPhone devices in 2020.
The second report provides a more vague timeframe of the second half of 2020, so an October announcement is not ruled out:
Win Semi reportedly will be the sole fabricator of VCSEL components for ToF (time of flight) AR and depth-of-field (DoF) photography applications, as its US IDM clients have also captured orders from Apple. The ToF camera modules are expected to be incorporated into 5G iPhones and iPads to be released in the second half of 2020, the sources said.
Key Takeaway

Rumors suggest that Apple plans to update its iPad Pro lineup in March, with key new features expected to include a triple-lens rear camera system and 3D sensing for augmented reality. This would make sense from a timing perspective, as the iPad Pro has been updated on roughly an 18-month cycle since 2015, and it will have been 18 months since the iPad Pro was last updated in October 2018.

This would pave the way for the first 5G iPad Pro models with an A14X chip to launch in the fall, with other hardware changes likely being few to none. The new 5G models would likely simply be additional SKUs at the high end of the lineup.

Article Link: DigiTimes: 5G iPad Pro Models With A14 Series Chip to Launch in Fall 2020
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Nov 25, 2014
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Yea seriously. The multicamera update sounds useless as hell. What am I going to do with that? More AR ‘demos’?

5G will guarantee more future for the device (as will more RAM and an even better processor).

So the ‘real’ update is in the Fall and like iPadified said - that should as well be the only update.
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Mar 18, 2009
I can't see a repeat of 2012 happening where the main iPad line has updates 6 months apart.

IF we do see an A13X iPad Pro with updated camera in the spring, and then an A14 iPad Pro with some other internal updates in the fall, then I would ask - why can't they just be on an annual cycle? Even if it is just a SoC bump, would have made more sense to bump the iPad Pro to A13X in fall 2019 (year after the A12X iPad Pro was released).


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Oct 8, 2003
This doesn’t make any sense from a timing perspective. Why would Apple release an updated iPad Pro in March and again in October?!
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Jul 12, 2016
This doesn’t make any sense from a timing perspective. Why would Apple release an updated iPad Pro in March and again in October?!
Well that’s why this is ‘rumors’ website, being there’s not 100% accurate info always reported. It’s not uncommon for Apple to launch various model iPads throughout the year, but I suspect if there was any accuracy behind this, it probably would be fall for the new ‘Pro’ models to launch. And a possible refresh of the other entry level models/non-pro models to launch perhaps mid to late first quarter Along side the new iPhone.
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Sep 5, 2008
This doesn’t make any sense from a timing perspective. Why would Apple release an updated iPad Pro in March and again in October?!
Unless they plan to use existing parts to make an "iPad Pro Lite" or "iPad Air Pro" in March before a complete rebuild of the iPad Pro 5G later this year.

Something like taking the 10.5" iPad Air and give it the A13 bionic, USB-C and dual speakers and gen 2 Apple Pencil support.


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Nov 4, 2013
There is no need to release an update in March. Unless they decide to give it the A14X. The current model is blazingly fast. iPad's are getting into computer territory performance wise. An 18 month update cycle is completely unnecessary, especially at this price range. It will have to have a stronger body, at least 6-8GB of Ram, and the A14X for me to even give it a second glance. I'm not an iPad camera person, so that really doesn't matter. If they had the option of a camera-less iPad I would go for it.


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Jul 16, 2014
I just want an iPad with OLED or microLED or miniLED whatever, just dark dark blacks like iPhone. Hope it's the next one...
Same here. I watch movies on the iPad and the OLED on my Xs is way better, but too little to really enjoy a long video. I don't expect them to be out soon, but hopefully my next upgrade will be to an OLED in 3-4 years.


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Aug 8, 2008
This rumor seems dubious. I could see a refresh in March with 5G added the following year--or the total refresh with 5G happening in September.

I'm not sure 5G is worth waiting for on an iPad for me so if this rumor really is true I'll just pick one up in March if its refreshed then. 5G is much more important on an iPhone anyway.


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Mar 23, 2012
The whole point of separating iPadOS. Like iPhone I’d want iPad with new version of iPadOS. Hardware designed around software. Fall makes more sense. We may see annual or every other year releases on flagship iPads only in the fall.