DirecTV Now Lost 267K Subscribers Last Quarter, Partly Due to End of Apple TV Offer

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    Why do you say this?
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    Don't count on it. Their network can't even seem to support nationwide streaming in regular HD, so them adding 4K or 60fps is highly unlikely any time soon.
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    I signed up and got the Apple TV 4K. I had it for a year and the DVR is garbage. Like not even Beta ready. I just switched over to Spectrum streaming package since I have there internet. DVR was replaced with On Demand.
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    Well did it twice for the Apple TV. Tried it, thought it was crap and went back to PS Vue.
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    As I've mentioned in other threads, if it weren't for DTV Now having Viacom channels for my wife, I'd be back with PS Vue in a heartbeat. DTV Now's DVR service is okay at best. PS Vue still runs circles around DTV Now.
  6. Joe h macrumors regular

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    Direct now still lacks locals in my state, something YouTube has had for awhile now. AT&T is really becoming a joke at this point. They lost 2 million hbo subscribers thanks to the dishnetwork feud, and several million more receive it free because of a stupid promotion. TNT’s nba ratings have completely cratered, while espn’s is only off by a few percent. They are losing wireless subscribers to Tmobile at an alarming rate, and made the decision to begin phasing out the satellite service, which will abandon a million rural subscribers. Not to mention their dumb ass 5g’e’ label.
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    I'm not who you replied to, but I've been beta testing a first party "DirecTV Now" box that's built by AT&T and running Android TV. I can only imagine that doesn't bode well for them bringing back the Apple TV offer.

    Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 1.44.13 PM.png
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    I signed up on day one, got the free Apple TV (to go along with one I already had) and was generally pleased with the service at the grandfathered promo price (Go Big for $35). I had it until a couple of months ago because I felt like the service was getting worse over time (more bugs in the apps, migrating from a separate login to the heavy-handed AT&T login, DVR not working, and the kind of half-hearted beta testing program). Throw in a price hike and it just feels like AT&T could be doing a lot more. For a service that they want to bet their future on, it hasn't progressed nearly as much as YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, or others.

    I'm currently using Hulu's Live TV option and the DVR is flawless and the service works well. I'm a bit grumpy about the price hike, but the service is good enough and has gotten some improvements that I'll stick around.
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  10. thisisnotmyname, Jan 30, 2019
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    They're going to lose me over the lack of SSO. Inertia is the only reason I still have the plan.

    edit: just canceled.
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    I would think they also lost a lot of customers because they dropped ESPN3, which is ESPN coverage on ABC. This really bothered me since they did this in the middle of the damn college football season and I am a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan and had to go to a friends house to watch the OSU games that were on ABC. Thank God, by the middle of the season most games were on the BIG10 Network, or Fox, which using my DTVN credentials gives me access to the Fox Sports App.

    In my area I still do not have ANY local channels, but I have been with DTVN since it came out and I like it a lot, especially now that it is vastly improved since it came out. I just hope they can work out a deal with ESPN to get ESPN3 back in the lineup!

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    DirecTV Now sucks in my experience. Have always had issues with it since day one and was happy to get rid of it. Switched to Xfinity Instant TV on a Roku stick and I’m hoping they make a LG WebOS or Apple TV app soon.
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    But with "On Demand" don't you have to sit through commercials? I can't go back to watching commercials.
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    Sep 30, 2014
    There is fine print that some programming is non-fast-forwardable. I've heard Grey Anatomy is one of them. There's no ***** way I'm paying for a DVR (or service) w/o fast-forwardability.
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    Bundling of streaming content doesn't make sense. Shouldn't each content provider just host on AWS or some other cloud and bypass the middle-man.
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    Sep 24, 2013
    With my old AT&T unlimited plan I get $25 discount and it includes HBO and HBO go. Even with that only way I can tolerate the bugs is to view on my Roku boxes. the endless scrolling in the guide is worth it alone vs ATV and that @#$%! remote.
  16. omerbaker macrumors member

    Apr 19, 2009
    I hated the app, but once I discovered that I need to swipe the live playing box off the screen, then the app works really well.

    I also got in on the half off deal, so I’m paying $40 for the $75/80 deal. PLUS I got an Apple TV free with it. It has bugs, but it’s more TV for the money than any other service I’ve seen.
  17. tennisproha macrumors 65816

    Jun 24, 2011
    Their interface is terrible and they require your location in order to use the app. No thanks.
  18. Peace macrumors Core


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    DirectTV isn't really a cord-cutting service since you have to have their satellite service.

    No idea why its referred to as one.
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    Most TV streaming apps require this for sports blackouts and local channels. Hulu's Live TV service takes it one step further and only allows TV streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, etc.) from your home internet connection and you can only change your "home" 4x/year. It appears its ISP-based, but not tied to a specific IP (since many home ISPs are dynamic). Computers, tablets, and phones don't have that restriction.
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    DirecTV Now is a separate streaming-only service that only shares the name with traditional satellite DirecTV and its associated app.

    Besides those two, AT&T also has U-verse (like cable, but IP-based based boxes in AT&T's local phone footprint), AT&T Watch TV (sort of like DirecTV Now Jr.) and it's just a messy product family.
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  21. blacktape242 macrumors 65832


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    i still use the service after i cut cable, I'm mostly happy, saving money has been a good bonus.
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    Thats not true. I tried to get DirectTV Now and was informed by them I had to have a Dirtect TV Satellite package.
  23. ecschwarz macrumors 65816


    Jun 28, 2010
    It sounds like you got some bad information - AT&T's most recent ad campaign for it even mentioned "no satellite dish" because of the confusion. Plus, I know four people who still have it and none have had DirecTV (I was the exception - moved into a location where I couldn't keep my dish, figured I'd wait out the two months until the DTV Now launch and then signed up).

    Did you go to an AT&T store? I know there was awhile that there was a big push to get traditional DirecTV numbers up, so it may have been someone trying to "encourage" you into that product.

    It even says so on the main page:
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    zilch. they're launching their own hardware.
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    how is it?
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