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Apr 12, 2001

After offering a look at its upcoming streaming service Disney+, and announcing a bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu, Disney today confirmed the devices that will support Disney+ at launch. For Apple device owners, this means that you'll be able to stream Disney+ video on Apple TV (tvOS-supported models), iPad, and iPhone on launch day (via The Verge).


The rest of the full launch lineup for supported devices includes: Android mobile devices, Android TV, Chromecast, web browsers, PlayStation 4, Roku streaming players, Roku TV, and Xbox One. Disney made no mention of supporting Amazon's Fire TV platform at launch.

The company also confirmed that customers will be able to subscribe to Disney+ on iOS devices, and several other platforms. For Apple TV, Disney said that it will integrate its content with the Apple TV app and allow users to keep all of their movies and shows organized in the Up Next list. For now, Disney said that it has nothing to announce regarding an integration with Apple TV Channels.

Today's news comes out ahead of Disney's annual D23 Expo in Anaheim, which will start this Friday, August 23. It's likely more information about Disney+ will be revealed at the event. For now, Disney has created a new Twitter page dedicated to Disney+ and shared a new introduction video about the streaming service.

Disney+ launches in the United States on November 12 at $6.99/month. Customers in Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand will all gain access to Disney+ in November as well.

Article Link: Disney Confirms Disney+ Coming to iOS and tvOS on Launch Day, Will Support Apple's TV App
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May 29, 2018
Since it is launching in the Netherlands, I wonder if there's any EU geo-blocking or if one could access it from within the EU?
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Sep 12, 2014
The title made me think it supported Apple TV channels, yet the article says otherwise. What are Apple TV channels then?
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Dec 12, 2012
As this ramps up I suspect that Disney stock will at least double in the next two years. Disney has so much reputable and recognizable IP behind it that it is an easy sell. It is a day one subscription in our house for sure.
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Mar 11, 2012

The reason for all the price jumps on other services is due to them not owning all the content they offer. Disney owns all the content for this service. This means they do not have to negotiate streaming rights for every market around the world.
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