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Apr 12, 2001

CNET reports that production has begun on 13.3-inch, 2560x1600 displays that will be incorporated into Apple's forthcoming smaller Retina MacBook Pro.
Production has begun of a 2,560-by-1,600 pixel density display that will land on a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro, NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim told CNET.

"The supply chain indications are that it's for a MacBook Pro 13.3 -- not a MacBook Air," said Shim.

Displays are being made by Samsung, LGD, and Sharp, he said.

Apple's MacBook lineup plans for late 2012 and 2013 (Source: Ming-Chi Kuo/KGI Securities)
Shim indicates that launch supplies for the new 13-inch Retina displays will be higher than seen for the 15-inch displays incorporated into the first Retina MacBook Pro released back in June, reflecting the greater popularity of the 13-inch models compared to their larger siblings.
"With 15.4 it's production of a few hundred thousand units versus one to two million for the 13.3," he said. That 13.3-inch production began in the third quarter.
Apple has been rumored to be looking to launch the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro in October, and with mass production of the displays for the forthcoming machines now underway, it seems that Apple may be on track to meet that timeframe.

Article Link: Displays for 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Now in Production


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Oct 30, 2011
Trying to understand pricing here. On the 15" MBA...

- Replacing the HD with an SSD add $500.
- Adding 4GB of memory adds $100

But the rMBA is only $400 more than than the legacy MBA, meaning upgrading the screen to retina costs -$200.


Feb 24, 2006
I'm putting off buying a 15 inch MacBook Pro with retina display until Microsoft updates Office with retina support.

I know, I know…iWork...

But the fact of the matter is Office is still much superior to iWork in my job requires I work with Word documents all day.


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Sep 29, 2009
Integrated graphics...hmm but it's 2560 x 1600 so hopefully the performance will still be good, especially if it launches after Haswell.


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Mar 22, 2011
Fort Myers, FL USA
If this article pans out it look like that in 2013 the MacBook Family will comprise of 4 machines:

11"Retina MacBook Air
13" Retina MacBook Air
13" Retina Macbook Pro
15" Retina MacBook Pro

With all 4 only haviing SSD only and all with no optical drive and Ethernet.

Personally, I'm ok with that since I own the Retina 15" Macbook Pro. But I've read a lot of people prefer the legacy stuff still and find having the choice of Classic and Retina a good thing.

What's gonna happen when that choice is eliminated next year?


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Feb 20, 2012
I predict if they offer the same pricing method (with the baseline rMBP price being equal to the upper end standard MBP) the price of this product will be $1,499. That is a price I can work with. one requirement though is that it needs a quad core cpu.


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Jan 12, 2003
I hope it is true and if so a quad core and a little more power than HD4000.

More people than Apple seems to have thought want the smaller form factor (and lighter weight) of the 13" MBP, but want a quad-core processor and discreet graphics processor. If that means slightly shorter battery life, so be it, but the Haswell CPUs are supposed to have a smaller power draw which should at least cancel out the additional power requirement of the quad-core and discreet graphics.

What is unclear to me is whether the article is suggesting that Retina displays will become standard, i.e. the only screens available or whether they will simply be "available" in all models.

I certainly would be very interested in a quad-core/discreet graphics 13" MBP.:)
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