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Jan 17, 2021
Does your iPhone 12 display flash during FaceTime calls? I took a screen recording of it which I've posted in a video at the bottom of this post.

Only the video of the incoming call flashes. ie. no other parts of the display are affected, including the pic-in-pic.

It happens randomly (there are several consecutive flashes around the 20-second mark in the video above, for example). I spoke to Apple Support and we tried everything including reinstalling FT, setting up as a new iPhone, 4G calls, Wi-Fi calls, calls from different locations, calls to different phones (all with the latest version of iOS). It doesn't happen with other video call services such as WhatsApp and Skype.

A few days ago I exchanged the iPhone for another iPhone 12 and first set it up as a new phone -- and the problem still occurs.

Does it happen on your iPhone 12 during a FT call? Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance for any input.


- rob -

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Apr 18, 2012
Oakland, CA
I had a family member report this issue in calls with a specific other person today. There are other reports of this as well.

I thought it might be due to lighting or between my family member and this person only. Both are up to date on iOS.

I usually FT using MacOS and a webcam with this family member and did not see any flickering. To test, I switched over to iPhone with them, we both have iPhone 12's running the newest iOS.

It was fine, perfect picture until about 15 minutes in I saw in my picture-in-picture selfie view a black-out flicker, brief maybe .25 seconds. I said I saw this, my family member says yes, that's what I saw. It is what they have on their end when talking with their friend.

The above examples are not full blackouts but more light flickering. So, I'm not sure if this is the same issue or not. This must be a software issue, I had not noticed this in FT before on iPhone 12.
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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
happens sometimes on my 12 Pro guessing the sensor is re calibrating the light.

I’m thinking the same.

Has anyone seen this with indoor lighting with no outdoor sunlight coming in?
curious if natural sunlight, if this occurs with fast moving clouds, vehicle reflections coming to the window affecting the light calibration to be adjusted (hence the randomness)?
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