Dreaded pop-up "Cellular Data is Turned off for "xyz App"

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  1. zen2u macrumors newbie

    Apr 15, 2016
    Apple...Jamaican me Crazy here! Give us an option to opt out of this pop-up warning every time we open an app. "Cellular Data is Turned off for "xyz App - You can turn on cellular data in Settings" Pardon my rant here but it's suuuch a pain.

    We'll see what the Apple folks say in response to my communications to them. I highly doubt I'm the first to scratch my head on this...

    Instead of simply 2 button options on that pop-up to select "Settings" (taking you there to turn on) or "OK" (a pointless surrender until next time you open app)...how about a third option button to push..."DON'T ASK ME THIS AGAIN". Those of us ok with turning cell data access off for an app(s) are of the mindset that we want an option to never be reminded again via. pop-up, and also the mindset/ability to know when/how to drill back into the phone to turn cell access back on for a given app should we need to do so. If you never get the pop-up because you have data on for all apps, great. If you like having the piece of mind knowing you'll be reminded should data be off, great. An opt out button wouldn't effect such customers.

    Many many apps do not require "access to cell data" to function properly - so we turn that access off knowing we can turn back on. Conversely, some apps MUST have cell data to function, be it full time or "just when in use". We take the time to personalize our phone settings and know we did such - so please stop reminding us of it with annoying pop-ups.

    Many turn off "background updates" or whatever its called, as well as other features that, to many customers, are useless, but we don't get nagging reminders to turn on. We just enjoy better battery life.

    I'm not suggesting Apple do a 180 and start neglecting the customers who appreciate pop-ups, or even those who are are proudly and stoically defensive of their tolerance of them.

    Ironically, even when opening SETTINGS the pop-up appears to say "Setting doesn't have access to cell data". No Sh*t iPhone, I, the owner, the customer chose that.

    If Apple cannot control their Apps or 3rd party Apps from continuously knocking on the phones cell-data-door, maybe they can provide a do not disturb feature for customers.
  2. C DM macrumors Westmere

    Oct 17, 2011
    More than likely this is done with the lowest common denominator in mind when it comes to a typical user who would likely not even realize that data might have been turned off or might forget about it at one point and then complain that their app isn't working properly.

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