Dropping SATA Bay 3 when waking from sleep?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by fhturner, Feb 3, 2017.

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Hey folks—

    Have a weird issue on my 2010 12-core, upgraded to 3.46GHz X5690s. When I wake the machine from deep sleep, it no longer finds SATA Bay 3. This causes my RAID0 scratch disk to fail to reappear after sleep. Just to make sure it isn't a specific disk or the RAID itself, I first swapped Bay 1 and Bay 3 disks, and still Bay 3 dropped out. I also tried a single, non-RAID disk in Bay 3, and it did the same thing.

    Anybody seen this before? I haven't started to take it apart to check everything physically, but I will; and I'll try to swap any components/cables that I can. But prior to that, any hunches or suggestions for troubleshooting? I'm a pretty good diagnostician, but have not come across this before...

    Specs are:

    Mac Pro 2010 3.46GHz 12-core
    32GB RAM
    Radeon 5770
    Inateck KT-4004 USB3 card
    BlackMagic Intensity Pro PCIe [problem predated installation of this card, BTW]
    4 x 1TB SATA HD RAID0

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    I have not seen this being reported by anyone on this forum....

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