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wake from sleep

  1. tekfranz

    Mac won't wake from sleep after Mojave 10.14.6

    I run Jump Desktop a VPN and have Several Multi-AV adapters plugged into my MacBook Pro. If I walk away the Mac goes to sleep and several hours later it wakes with he classic Black Screen and Mouse pointer. Is anyone else experiencing this. I have disabled sleep until this is resolved. I...
  2. necreation

    Powermac G5 keeps going to sleep

    Hi guys, I owns several Powermac G5. There's one particular Powermac G5 2.0 DP 2003 model that has been working fine for a few months. It was running really well until one day when I thought everything was fine, one of a new intern that has assigned to this system reported to me that the Mac...
  3. milleron

    iMac takes 123 seconds to wake from sleep

    For many months, I thought my iMac 5K with Fusion drive (Mojave) was crashing when it was sleeping because it wouldn't wake. I finally discovered that it wakes every time and never crashes but that it simply takes a very long time to wake up. I've used a stopwatch on it, and it's spooky that it...
  4. S

    TvOS 12.1 No Signal on waking from Sleep

    Hi, I have an Apple TV 4K. When I first bought it (as soon as it was released) it had an issue where if it was woke from sleep, the TV would not detect the signal. I had to reset the device by long pressing both menus and home button. This problem was fixed in a later release of TvOS, I can't...
  5. R

    Resolved iPad Pro 2018 - How to wake without pressing power

    On the older iPad they had the home button to press to wake the tablet from sleep as an alternative from pressing the power button on top. How do you do this now without the home button without having to press the power button at the top every time?
  6. KatPR

    Unresponsive mac after overnight sleep

    It has happened 4 times since I updated to the new macOS Mojave. My Macbook Pro 2016 without the touchbar, becomes unresponsive after an overnight sleep. When I try to wake up the computer, I have to force restart it in order to wake it up. Also, I charge my computer and right before I go to...
  7. thiskiwicanfly

    External monitor wake from sleep

    I having a problem waking my external Dell P2715Q monitor which is plugged via display port into my MacBook Pro in clamshell mode (while the lid is down). After waking the rMBP by clicking the mouse the external monitor indicates a wake-up state, the monitor power light stays lit for a few...
  8. P

    2015 MBP 15, High Sierra, Black screen after waking from sleep.

    Hey there, I noticed that the 2015 MBP 15 does not wake up like it used to from sleep. It goes straight to a black screen and will not come out of that state until it's hard reset with the power button. I have seen a few others mention this issue but only workarounds as solutions. Has anyone...
  9. J

    Kernel panic after High Sierra upgrade

    Hi guys, i have a macbook pro 15" from 2017. In the picture attached below you can see the info of the laptop. I have upgraded the macOS to High Sierra on Tuesday and since then the macbook is not working properly. Every time when the mac goes to sleep (when i click on sleep from the apple...
  10. nycgeo

    MBP TB 15" - Displayport more reliable than HDMI

    I have been having all sorts of sleep/wake issues and general unstable behavior between my external monitor and MacBook Pro 2016 Touch bar 15" since I got it. It would frequently wake to a blue screen and I would have to open the machine and /or disconnect/reconnect the HDMI adapter for it to...
  11. fhturner

    Dropping SATA Bay 3 when waking from sleep?

    Hey folks— Have a weird issue on my 2010 12-core, upgraded to 3.46GHz X5690s. When I wake the machine from deep sleep, it no longer finds SATA Bay 3. This causes my RAID0 scratch disk to fail to reappear after sleep. Just to make sure it isn't a specific disk or the RAID itself, I first swapped...
  12. qap

    My 2015 iMac wakes up by itself with Sierra (logs inside)

    Hi, Since the sierra update my iMac suddenly turns on the screen about every hour....after 1 minute the screen goes off again but the iMac stays on for another 15 minute (my normal sleep time) but I can't understand what is the cause of the wake up. From the logs seem to be the "hidd" process...
  13. J

    MacBook Pro Battery Drain Overnight

    Hello, world! I recently noticed that my 2015 13" rMBP loses about 1-2% of battery life overnight. Previously my Mac retained 100% charge overnight. Power Nap, Wake for Wi-Fi network access, and Bluetooth are all disabled. I have also tried resetting the PRAM and SMC, and as well as disabling...