Dummy 'iPhone 8' Images Appear Online Suggesting Touch ID Embedded in Edge-to-Edge Display


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Apr 12, 2001

Pictures of a dummy "iPhone 8" model appeared on social media over the weekend depicting a handset with a front and rear made of what looks like 2.5D curved glass and a stainless steel edge design.

The dummy device is purportedly a "CNC model according to Foxconn", according to the original Twitter poster, but there's no way to verify the claim one way or the other, so take the following with a big pinch of salt.

The front of the device appears to have an edge-to-edge screen with no discernible bezels, while around the back there's a vertically aligned dual-lens camera, but no other identifiable markings. That includes no rear-mounted Touch ID sensor, but also no Apple logo, either.

The sides look like stainless steel, similar to those of the iPhone 4. There are volume buttons and a mute switch on the left, and a power button and SIM tray on the right. The power button appears to be longer than on previous iPhones, however.

The poster of the images offered additional details supposedly from a source with links to Foxconn, suggesting that the "iPhone 8" will have a thickness and size similar to the current iPhone 7, while the steel edges will be finished in a polished "Space Black" color.

Apart from a further image showing off the latter feature, the poster has also shown off schematics "based on blueprints" that depict a series of components hidden beneath the top of the display, where the edges of the display are indicated by a red outline. An alleged schematic of the internal components of the next iPhone has also been shared.

Apple is thought to be testing more than 10 prototype iPhone models, so it's not yet clear what we should expect. Most rumors so far suggest the upcoming OLED iPhone will have a 5.5-inch bezel-less screen with Touch ID embedded in the front display, so there will be no home button.

However Apple is said to be having trouble integrating the Touch ID technology into the screen, and leaked design schematics have indicated that the fingerprint sensor could be moved to the rear of the device, so the final design is far from certain.

Some rumors suggest the display itself may feature edges that are curved on both sides like the Galaxy S7, but the phone may have the same slightly curved 2.5D display as the iPhone 7 due to technical challenges manufacturing the more curved version. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the glass will be built around a polished stainless steel frame that's similar in design to the Apple Watch.

More images of the dummy iPhone shown above, including one of a machined chassis, can be found here.

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Jul 24, 2007
The fingerprint reader on the back of the phone is still extremely awkward to me. I don't like that it has slowly become accepted as a standard across many devices or that people say it is convenient. If Apple can find a way to keep touch ID on the front of the phone, I am all for it. Heck, I'd even accept it on the side of the phone over the back, at least it would still be accessible while the phone is sitting face up on a table.
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Sep 15, 2013
I wonder why they changed the orientation of the camera. IF (and it's a BIG IF) this is real i would buy one, touch ID under the display is a great idea.
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Oct 21, 2008
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I hope this story gives a shout to the thread on this in the iPhone section, that was started on Saturday...

Anyway it's fake I think, it's ugly bulky big and heavy looking, yet the leakset has claimed its 7.1mm thick and the same size as the iPhone 7, yeah right bull..... if that's the case he can post photos of this case next to a iPhone 7 to prove it!
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Nov 15, 2013
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It looks very thick.
I agree, it looks so.

This is obviously pre-production model. Resembles iPhone 2G with shiny borders. Back looks very nice, with glass-like black. I see no problem whatsoever with vertical camera.
Looking forward!
[doublepost=1493034386][/doublepost]Kudos to Apple for keeping mute switch! I see that less and less