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Sep 19, 2018
Hi everyone,

I bought my 2018 13" MBP in October 2018 and recently (actually, for a couple of months but it was almost invisible before) I've noticed an horizontal line of dust on my screen. It seems to be caused by some keys applying pressure on it (especially the space bar). I have to admit that I often clean my MBP screen as it can get very dirty, maybe is it because I do it wrong? The design of the laptop does not make the cleaning process easy as it is a real dust catcher. Most of the time, I only use a microfiber cloth and apply light circular movements on the screen. I used a liquid screen cleanser only a couple of times when it was really dirty. See the images below, it is very visible.

Do you have an idea on how to get rid of that scratch? It seems impossible to remove with the microfiber and, although it is not noticeable when the screen is turned on, I don't want it to get even worse in the future.



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