1. afonsomduarte

    MacBook Pro 2016 15 Inch Fan Noise

    Is there anyway I can open the macbook and clean the fans myself or should I get it serviced? I noticed that even when idling that it makes more noise as opposed to when it had a year for example. I suspect it may be due to dust. Thank you in advance.
  2. Redirected

    iPhone 12 Dust inside iPhone 12 Screen Edge

    Was cleaning my Black iPhone 12 this morning and noticed these dust particles in between the screen and the metal frame. is anyone also having the same issue?
  3. AjTee

    Dust spots hard to remove from Retina screen

    Hi all, I have new MBP 2020. I was cleaning my MBP screen with microfibre cloth and Fellowes screen wipes. During cleaning I enabled flashlight in my iPhone and noticed some dust spots, which are hard to remove with microfibre cloth. I find that only way to remove them from screen is touch a...
  4. Rigtee

    Dust stuck on 2018 13" MBP screen - Weird

    Hi everyone, I bought my 2018 13" MBP in October 2018 and recently (actually, for a couple of months but it was almost invisible before) I've noticed an horizontal line of dust on my screen. It seems to be caused by some keys applying pressure on it (especially the space bar). I have to admit...
  5. PhillyGuy72

    XS Max Rear Camera Lens - Speck/Dust appearing in pics

    Just noticed this today when I took some quick photos of an Osprey plane flying over - 2, 3 specs in every shot, same spot with the overcast sky. Anyone else have (or had) this issue? Main question, does Apple Care take care of this? Thanks! ** It's minimal, I realize that...but it...
  6. A


    Let’s say that after 6 months I want to clean my MBP(2019) from dust. Will I void any warranty when I open up de back to clean it? I read this was okay with older Macbooks, but I’m not sure with the new ones. It would suck if it voids warranty.
  7. T

    Other Mini review + 2 returns to get flawless XS Max (Camera-lenses issues)

    Hi all, Thought I'd share this. Walked into the Apple Store in Los Angeles to get a XS Max yesterday. Didn't realize until this morning but my unit had a speck of dust or some sort of glass impurity in the camera lens right in the middle which was totally visible in photos during the day...
  8. O

    iPhone X IPhone X camera dust

    I've notice a small speck of dust spear on my bottem camera. It wasn’t there to begin with so I’m slightly worried there’s something wrong with the seal around my camera. Is this normal on the X?
  9. and 4096 others like this

    Did you know about dust problem in 27" iMac?

    Hello, I had a lot of questions in this topic - https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/imac-27-or-21.2122173/#post-26136334 and thankfully you guys helped me to choose better option. The thing is - I still don't know should I get 27" iMac. Does iMac still have a problem with dust in screen/under...
  10. S

    My endless iPhone X case search continues, vol 2

    I thought about adding this post to the merged iPhone X case thread, but I don't want to hijack that. At least this way people who want to ignore my post won't have to scroll past it in that thread or the responses from people who are sick of reading about my requirements. My needs are overly...
  11. Noem

    Dust between "plastic" Bezels around the iPhone X

    I had my iPhone x for 2 weeks an i love it but one thing disturbs me. There is a lot of dust between the plastic bezels around the screen. It is located between the screen and the plastic seal around the iPhone. I tried different things like thin paper or water but it can't be removed. Anyone...
  12. RadicalxEdward

    Other Why dust inside your camera housing doesn’t matter

    A few days after picking up my sg256 iPhone X I too noticed a few really tiny specks of dust under the outer camera glass. At first I was starting to worry thinking I’d have to go through a bunch of exchanges to get it replaced and find one without that issue, (did this with dead pixels on an...
  13. Q

    Usability of the 2017 MacBook/MBP

    I haven't bought a new MacBook in so many years, but I'm now thinking of buying the new 2017 MacBook or MacBook Pro. However, before I do I've a couple of questions: Last time I checked, one was not supposed to use a MacBook in bed or on a pillow (as advised in...
  14. AfroUSA

    iMac 5K - 4790K, M295X - thermal compound + second SSD upgrade + Air Vents MOD

    Hi all! It was a pleasure to find this forum beginning of this year. I have iMac 5K with i7-4790K and m295X. After almost 2y of using this desktop, I stuck with unusual high temperatures for CPU and GPU. Idling with Chrome and YouTube, EyeTV, CPU was around 70 up to 102'C while gaming on Windows...