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Dec 28, 2019
Hey Mac community! Hardware upgrade question here:

I just purchased an early 2019 iMac, and I am upgrading the memory via OWC (Other World Computing).

Apple states that the newest iteration of the iMac can support up to 64GB of memory, but OWC claims that they have successfully tested this iMac to accept and use up to 128GB of RAM. When I asked an Apple representative about this, they said that "yes, while it is (hypothetically) possible to bump up to 128GB of RAM, it's a bit like using a Toyota Prius to pull a trailer. Can you do it? Of course. Is it wise? Perhaps not."

Has anyone tried this? Any adverse effects to maxing out the early 2019 iMac to 128GB of RAM?

Thanks in advance!


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Feb 20, 2009
Another Fishrrman stupid question™:
What do you really think you're going to need 128gb of RAM for?
Or... for that matter... 64gb?

(in reality, you may have need for it, but I sense that many folks who "upgrade to the max" have absolutely no need for that at all...)
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