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  1. omareletr

    14" M1 Pro MBP with 16GB vs 32GB RAM? (Video Editing)

    Hey all, I am super excited about purchasing the new M1 Pro MacBook Pro, but I'm not sure which configuration would work best for me. I mostly do video editing (4K footage) on Final Cut Pro X and minor photo editing on Photoshop. I usually have a million chrome tabs open though as well. So...
  2. archi penko

    M1 Max 32GB vs 64GB RAM? Use cases for each

    I’m about to for these new MBPs… For the new M1 MAX Chip, why would one use 64GB RAM over 32 GB of RAM? What are you specifically using it for? What applications if any specifically you found 64GB helps/is really needed? Any thoughts on having that amount of RAM?
  3. PeterLC

    Adding 16GB to core GPU or to RAM

    I'm thinking of just the BASIC 16" MBP, 16 core GPU, 16GB RAM and 512 GB or 1TB SSD but am also considering soon buying X-Plane 11/12. I don't intend to run anything else that is 'heavy' (at the same time) but, other than gaming, need some RAM to work with spreadsheets. I kind of understand...
  4. H

    iMac (late 2015): Is this RAM arrangement OK?

    I bought 2x8GB RAM sticks for my late 2015 iMac that came with 2x4GB sticks of RAM, I put it in but the machine doesn't boot, I searched and found the RAM sticks have to be inserted in certain order, so it now ends up like this: I read from somewhere that the RAM sticks have better performance...
  5. ctjack

    Don't buy M1 Air with 8Gb of RAM

    I was a happy camper with my Air m1 512gb/8Gb of RAM on macOS 11.2. Even though my usage got me close to 100% used, i couldn't care less because i was really making it work hard with tons of tabs open in every software while driving 2k external - so 2 displays. But then i fall a victim of OS...
  6. A

    (apple silicon ) Would 16gb RAM be enough for future proofing ?

    Sup. While ram management might be good on macOS ,and aarch improving it further ,8gb isn't actually "enough" on current M1 lineup . Which makes me wonder ,will 16/512 base mpb m1x models be enough for future proofing,assuming i plan on keeping it for around 6years+ ? As they are already very...
  7. KingCornWallis

    MP 1,1-5,1 RAM Slots not Working on Mac Pro 4,1

    I have a Mac Pro 4,1 (flashed to 5,1) Dual CPU Tray and booted it up after being in storage for the last 3 months to find that Slots 3 and 4 of tray are not working; RAM installed in these slots are not detected by macOS. It is my understanding that slots 3 and 4 are connected, and if one is...
  8. P

    iMac 2020 ram upgrade issues

    Hello, I think I have a problem with the compatibility of ram memory modules in the iMac 2020. Although all modules are of the same brand (Crucial) the same capacity (8gb) and the same clock speed (2666mhz) “see photo” when installed, the system does not work at the indicated speed but at a...
  9. W

    Get 8GB or 16GB RAM for VirtualMachine running Kali Linux and Windows10?

    Hi! I'm on the fence between choosing a Macbook pro 13" from mid-12, with 2,5 GHz Dual-core Intel core i5 processor, upgraded with 16GB 1600 DDR3 RAM and 1TB SSD - or choosing a Macbook pro late -13, with 2,4GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1600 DDR3 RAM and 256GB SSD. The difference in graphics is the...
  10. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    MS Office vs Google Workspace

    I'm looking to migrate to a new suite of productivity apps for my small business, and the Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) is one consideration. I've used MS Office for many many years, but it's starting to become a little bloated and expensive for my needs. I want to move away from 365...
  11. M

    Massive RAM Usage in MBP

    I know that this topic (heavy RAM usage in M1 Macs) has already been discussed, but nobody posted any RAM numbers in posts that I saw. I have recently transitioned from a Windows computer, to an M1 MacBook Pro. Activity Monitor is saying that I am using 5.97 Gb/8Gb of RAM with only a few tabs...
  12. P

    iPad Pro Looks like the M1 iPad Pro is about to Become More Pro by Using the Extra RAM
  13. P

    iPad Pro Difference in Experience Between the 8 GB and the 16 GB M1 Pro Models?

    Hey all, I am still not quite sure about this, as there have been a few comparison videos so far and things weren't clear from those. is there really no noticeable difference at this point between the experience of having an 8 GB model vs a 16 GB model, except for storage?
  14. phillies3429

    M1 16GB RAM and SWAP Memory Being Used

    I got a refurbished M1 MacBook Air from Apple and went for the 16GB of RAM. I look at the activity monitor and to my surprise 2.40GB SWAP memory is being used. Should I be concerned? I only have 11 safari tabs open. Nothing else really running in the background other than music. Thoughts? Thanks!
  15. A

    Other Are there any rumors on how much RAM the iPhone 13 will have for the non-pro models?

    Haven't seen any rumors or discussions regarding RAM. Since they did 4GB and 6GB on the base and pro models, perhaps it's time to bump to 6GB for all models?
  16. I

    just ordered the MBA M1 with 8GB RAM is it enough for....? do some video and picture editing, office work, presentations, browsing and for watching videos ? or is it more like that I can run every program as good as with 16GB of RAM but can't open as many programs as on the 16GB RAM version? thank you.
  17. P

    iPad Pro Practical Uses of 16 GB of RAM?

    Hey all, So here it is. iPads are out. One of the novel features this time is 16 GB of RAM. A very compelling upgrade, but what is it's purpose right now? What does it change about your experience? There have been reports about apps not having to refresh while they're all open at once, though...
  18. 2

    MP All Models ram issue

    hi folks, I have late 2008 Mac Pro (3.1) It has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 card, so I don't get the boot / diagnostics screen. It was not booting up. The power light was flashing which I searched and found that to point to ram. It has two ram cards with 16gb each which is not that old (may 2019)...
  19. T

    New iMac

    Should someone be worried if they have a current iMac with 32GB of ram and the new iMac can only have 16GB of ram? I do a lot of video editing and graphic design. I realize the new M1 chips are a lot different than intel chips so maybe that's why less ram would be okay. Any thoughts on this...
  20. A

    RAM upgrade on the 2020 iMac

    Hey all, just got my new 2020 5k iMac yesterday and would like to add extra RAM as I currently have 8gb (2x4GB). I found someone on Offerup who is selling their OEM 2x4GB RAM that was from the same 2020 iMac as mine with 2667 frequency. Is it okay if I were to install 4x4GB RAM on my machine or...