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  1. F

    2020 iMac constant crash with 128gb RAM

    I have the a 2020 iMac, 3.6GHz 10 core with AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 15GB graphics card. I purchased 4 x 32 gb 3rd party RAM to put in it - OWC brand - but when I have all 4 sticks in, my iMac constantly crashes. Happens doing all sorts of things - even minor things some times - but did some...
  2. CuriousOtter

    NVMe SSD Upgrade on a Late 2012 iMac

    INTRO Hello, I do hope you as the reader are well! I have been given a Late 2012 iMac 2.7ghz 21.5" as a gift, and it is painfully slow. The HDD corrupted and it is running off an external HDD connected via USB. So I am looking to add a few upgrades. I am focussing on the RAM and SSD as the CPU...
  3. D

    Is “OLOy Cardinal” or “Corsair Vengeance” RAM fine for the 2018 Mac mini, or should I stick to well known brands like Samsung, Kingston or Crucial?

    I’ve ordered an Apple Refurb 2018 Mac mini, and need to order a 2 x 32GB kit to replace the 8GB RAM that’ll come preinstalled. From various sources, I’ve been able to determine that I need to buy 2666 MHz PC4-21300 DDR4 (260-pin) SDRAM SO-DIMMs. After researching online prices here in the UK...
  4. P

    Which RAM to buy for iMac 27-inch Late 2012?

    Hello! I just want to be SUPER sure I'm buying the correct RAM. Memory: 2x8gb installed already 1600mhz Apple's Directions... Memory specifications These iMac models feature Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (SDRAM) slots on the rear of the computer near the vents with these memory...
  5. M

    New 2020 5k iMac having trouble with 4 new dimm sticks. 3 new +1 OEM work just fine. :o

    Howdy, I bought a 64gb ram upgrade kit from OWC for my brand new 2020 5k iMac, 27 incher. However, strange boot issues abound when I try to install all 4 sticks at once. 2 OEM sticks and 2 empty slots = boot normally 1 OEM stick + 3 OWC sticks = boot normally 4 OWC sticks = failed boot When...
  6. juliovg

    Upgrade SSD Macbook Pro early 2013

    Hello guys, i would like to upgrade my actual SSD. Actually it goes slow, i know that i CAN'T upgrade RAM, if for that reasson that upgrade SSD with a better SSD. My question is , can somebody suggest me the best SSD for my model? Best regards
  7. C

    iMac 21,5" Late 2012 RAM Update Question

    Hello everyone! I have a little doubt with my iMac 21.5" (Late 2012). I want to upgrade the hard drive into a SSD and also I want to update the RAM from 8GB into 16GB (because its the maximum that iMac model can hold up). The thing that i want to know is if its possible to installar DDR4...
  8. daveyanthony

    Resolved PowerBook G4 (1.3/1.5) Issues

    Hello, I recently bought the PowerBook listed in the title, more specifically it's the 1.5GHz model. I bought it as a fixer upper as it was decently priced compared to other listings, it was said to work fine and had some cosmetic damage. However, i'm having some issues with the battery and the...
  9. T

    2020 MacBook Pro 13 (i5-1038NG7) Maximum Video RAM

    Can anyone who has the new 2020 MacBook Pro (i5-1038NG7) share the video memory that’s available? I’m thinking to customise it to 32GB. Since the video RAM is shared with the main memory, does more RAM give more video RAM? Or is there a cap to the video ram regardless of the main memory.
  10. nofxrs

    MP 1,1-5,1 HELP - After CPU UPGRADE - A memory slot not being recognized

    EDIT: SOLVED Turned out to be the CPU B Tray not enough tightened Help Partial Success upgrading dual 4.1 with stocks CPU to 3.46ghz ones... ALL GOOD With the processors... delided by myself with the vice method, no problems! Installed both, and after the startup with side cover removed i...
  11. T

    iMac 21.5 Late 2013 32GB RAM is it...possible?

    Hello all, This is my first post and I wanted to know if perhaps this could be possible? I will be replacing the HDD of this iMac with a 1TB SSD and I also wanted it to upgrade the RAM. However, I know it will only take 2 sticks of RAM. So, I was just wondering if anybody knew if perhaps this...
  12. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2006 1,1 upgrade issues - advice needed please

    Hello, I hoped I might get a few pointers on a couple of problems which appeared after a 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 upgrade. - I added 32gb Ram 8 x 4GB (HYMP151F72CP4N3-Y5-AB-C Hynix) PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz ECC FB CL5 DIMM. (all shown as ok in the system profile) - I've added an Ati Radeon Sapphire HD...
  13. F

    MBP 16 — 16gb or 32gb Help!

    Hey there! My friend is a Graphic Designer, and she's thinking of buying the MBP 16 i7. She will use to do some "heavy" Illustrator and Photoshop work, little or none after effects. Do you guys think the extra 500$ are worth to upgrade to 32gb? Thank you!
  14. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Guidance and advice on upgrading Mac Pro 5.1 2010

    Hi all My first post having had a good look around the forum. I've always fancied a 'cheese grater' Mac and one came up for sale nearby. Project Mac Pro 5.1 cost £250 Starting Specs Intel Quad Core W3530 1TB WD Black 3.5" HDD 10 GB Ram ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB Running High Sierra My aim is...
  15. tolgaytoklar

    Is that ram compatible with latest imacs?

    I am considering to buy a new imac. But ram priceses are too high on the Apple's website. So i want to buy my rams myself. I found that ram: Is this compatible with the latest imacs which currently on...
  16. MacMiniUpgrader

    are you satisfied with your MM2018/2020 ? drop configs and lets talk !

    i love my mini, i started with 8gn ram and an rx 580 and its made my work flow easy, finally got around to upgrading and maxing the system specs out
  17. B

    Upgrade iMac Memory

    Hi. I'm looking to upgrade the memory in my iMac. I have a Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017 with 16BG. And I was thinking of adding OWC 32GB (2 x 16GB) of compatible RAM. While conducting research, on Amazon, the top comment talks about how it is not compatible with stock Apple RAM, and that with...
  18. Sp00k

    FCPX using more than 70GB of RAM

    Hello everyone! I own a base model 16" MacBook Pro, and have been frequently using Final Cut Pro X for a video editing class and my personal projects. In it, I don't do too awful much, at most compiling a two minute video with titles, transitions, sfx, and a bit of color correction. However I...
  19. Anders P. A.

    MP 7,1 Ram for 2019 Mac Pro - will this work?

    Crucial - DDR4 - 16 GB - DIMM 288-PIN - 2933 MHz / PC4-23400 - CL21 - 1.2 V - registreret - ECC ( I am confused because alle the specs seems right, but according to Crucials website they don't make 2019 Mac Pro compatible...
  20. O

    iMac not powering up after upgrade (RAM, SSD, CPU thermal transfer)

    I did a few upgrades to a 2017 21.5" Retina iMac, and unfortunately, upon reassembly, it isn't powering on. Here's a photo of it, display disconnected. In the second photo I've labelled things for reference. Status: In the photo, AC is plugged in Of the 5 diagnostic lights, the first one...