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Apr 12, 2001

A pair of videos that appear to depict prototype iOS 11 features have been found "deep within the iOS 11 beta image" by developer Guilherme Rambo, who has recently become known for digging deep into iOS code to suss out upcoming features.

According to Rambo, the files were created in May, suggesting they depict iOS 11 iPhone functionality that was scrapped rather than functionality that has not yet been implemented, but there's technically no way to tell.

In the first 13 second video, the Lock screen is demonstrated. The implementation of the Lock screen is similar the current iOS 11 implementation, but there are small changes.

This is interesting - Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 21, 2017
While a swipe downwards pulls down the Lock screen cover and a swipe left opens up the widget view, a swipe right brings up the Control Center. In the current incarnation of iOS 11, a right swipe brings up the camera and not the Control Center.

The second video shows a different implementation of the App Switcher. Instead of double tapping on the Home button, the App Switcher is accessed through a swipe upwards on the Home screen, the gesture used for Control Center. Control Center remains accessible as an app at the right side of the screen, though.

This is also interesting - Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 21, 2017
In the current version of iOS 11, an upwards swipe on the Home screen brings up the Control center and not the App Switcher, but the video is reminiscent of the way App Switcher works on an iPad. On the iPad, an upwards swipe on the Home screen brings up the dock, while a longer swipe brings up the App Switcher with access to Control Center.

It's possible Apple originally planned to mimic the iPad App Switcher functionality on the iPhone, but later decided against it for a more familiar set of gestures. It's also possible, though, that the videos offer up a look at how iOS 11 will work once the iPhone 8 is released, since it has no Home button.

If there are any significant changes to the way iOS 11 is used on the upcoming iPhone 8, we'll know soon enough. We're expecting Apple to introduce the new iPhone in September, and if past event dates are any indication, we have just two to three weeks to wait.

Article Link: Early iOS 11 Videos Appear to Depict Prototype Control Center and App Switcher Gestures
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Jun 13, 2016
Would have been interesting to see this, although the double swipe for control centre on iPhone could be annoying.

The swipe up would have worked with 3D Touch, and it looks like it would have been like a replacement for the 3D Touch app switcher gesture, maybe explaining why it was removed.


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Mar 11, 2009
The only thing I like about any of that is that the app names are more like the iOS 10 versions (centered and small) and not the bold monstrosities with heinous amounts of wasted space in the current betas.


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May 14, 2012
I still access the camera by swiping up. I barely use the swipe right to left for camera. And when I do it gets stuck halfway on my 7 and eventually pops over.
Definitely interesting to have these in there, but I prefer current functionality.

1) I use swipe to access camera from lock screen all the time, plus control center is already only a swipe up

2) Control center is more important to me than the app switcher

Also, these 2 functions appear to work in tandem with each other. The control center was shifted to the right of the screen in both of these scenarios. Apple was smart to leave it from the bottom.


Aug 29, 2014
You can use multiple apps by going to home screen and opening them, you don’t have to use the app switcher to use multiple apps. Surely you are being deliberately obtuse

Being deliberately obtuse would be what you describe.
Lol, that’s the equivalent of going to Google and searching for “Google” 1st, every time you make a search query....
Adding extraneous steps to a dead simple process.
You really have never used the App Switcher? Not even once? I ask this because it’s such a core function in iOS.

Yeah, I literally shudder at the thought of this... even if you have your iPhone fairly well arranged, let’s say 2 screens total, mixture of some “loose” apps & some in folders.
Switching between say Facebook & a game you’re playing, then back again could be something like this:
Tap “Social” folder on 1st home screen, then tap Facebook... then hit home button, slide over to second home screen, tap “Games”, then tap Candy Crush, then tap the home button again, slide back over to the 1st home screen again, tap on the “Social” folder again, and tap Facebook again, to switch back to it.
Is this guy for real??????????!
Instead of “double tap home, select open app”? Like, for what? Why would you POSSIBLY choose the most ridiculous & convoluted way to do something?
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