iPhone Edit Home Screen...broken behavior


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Sep 24, 2018
Has anyone else noticed this? Re-arranging apps on the home screen has been really screwy since ios13 released. I've seen this on my iPhone 11 and my iPad pro (its worse on the phone than the iPad, though)

Wait for icons to jiggle. Now try touching an app icon and IMMEDIATELY dragging it. Some of them will move first-try. But some of them won't. Doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason as to why some will let you move them and some won't. And if you do this enough, sometimes the screen will jump over to the widgets screen.

To reliably move any of the icons, you have to wait for the icons to jiggle, and then keep your finger held on one until it pops, and then you can drag it with a little haptic feedback. But I don't think that's supposed to be the intended behavior?


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May 19, 2015
That may not be the intended behavior but that is the way it works. In ios 12 on my iPad I didn’t even have to get them to the jiggle point. As soon as the icon expanded in reaction to your finger you could drag it easily anywhere you wanted. They messed up what I considered to be a perfect mechanism. I think it was done to offer additional options but it’s made the whole process worse.