Efforts by Apple and Foxconn to Improve Electronics Industry Labor Conditions Starting to Take Hold

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    In the latest installment of its "iEconomy" series, The New York Times takes a look at the advances made by Apple and Foxconn to improve working conditions at the Chinese factories churning out Apple products since a major push began earlier this year. The report details many changes such as wage increases and shorter working hour limits that have previously been disclosed, but also takes a peek behind the scenes to offer a glimpse of how executives at both companies have reacted to the situation.

    The report shares details on a meeting between Apple and Foxconn executives and representatives of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), which began independent monitoring of working conditions earlier this year. At the meeting, FLA president Auret van Heerden outlined a number of shortcomings found in Foxconn's facilities.
    Williams was reportedly surprised by some of the suggestions, as Apple had long prided itself on its thorough auditing processes. But upon returning to California, Williams and Apple moved quickly to address the issues, reaching out to advocacy groups and instituting additional changes.
    Despite the changes that do appear to be making an impact on working conditions, some advocates indicate that Apple could be doing even more. In particular, the company's penchant for secrecy is reportedly hindering industry-wide sharing of knowledge to help root out noncompliant suppliers and prevent workplace incidents such as dust explosions that have killed and injured workers at Apple-affiliated factories.

    The report also notes how the changes being instituted by Apple and Foxconn have been leading to changes throughout the industry, pointing to PC giant Hewlett Packard and contract manufacturer Quanta as examples of those companies making changes in line with those employed in Apple's supply chain.

    Article Link: Efforts by Apple and Foxconn to Improve Electronics Industry Labor Conditions Starting to Take Hold
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    the good thing about apple is that the one step forward will not be followed by two steps backwards
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    Price Increases Coming?

    Samsung put the price of its components up by 20% (to Apple only?) and Apple responds by ditching the internal optical drive on the iMac (expensive to replace if it craps out under warranty) and glues the screen to the computer.

    Now cheap ass labour looks as though it may be coming to end? So what next Tim? Thinner external optical drives?
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    What the hell are you rambling on about?
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    What the heck are you talking about? Samsung did not raise prices on Apple by 20%. That report was quickly changed to say that it was not the case.
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    The average fanboy doesn't care about human slavery...since it happens to them, over there !
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    This is a good sign, and a step in the right direction. Hopefully conditions will continue to improve throughout the coming year, and the next iPhone refresh.
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    And what does that have to do with the topic of this thread? :confused:


    Slavery? :rolleyes: I'm assuming then you don't own any Apple products and if you do, you you won't be purchasing any in the future and will only buy electronics and other goods from companies that do not engage in "slavery". ;)
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    Foxconn worker commits suicide.

    "After 40 days working in Foxconn's Shenzhen factory, a 18-year-old male twice jumped off the same hotel building to commit suicide, according to a local newspaper's report.

    The man, only identified as Li, tried to kill himself by leaping out of the stairwell window between the third and fourth floor in a hotel in Shenzhen around 5.30pm on Dec. 10, 2012. The local police said that he was likely caught by the advertising board and survived the first fall, but then he went to a higher level in the same building to jump again."


    I guess he found out about the accelerated iPad release schedule.
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    long island NY
  12. Mike MA macrumors 68000

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    Foxconn improves, still 1 million companies in the BRICS need to follow...
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    Last I read, the suicide rate among FoxConn workers was lower than China, and lower than the world. People that work for General Electric commit suicide too. Correlation does not mean causation.
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    A quiet place in NY.

    At least things are going in the correct direction. It could be worse. Lot's of Stereotypes to get past. :apple:
  15. bpbatch, Dec 27, 2012
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    ••this post has been deleted by the author***
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    Hopefully this helps gets the ball rolling in an global-wide effort to curb exploitative and abusive business practices against workers. One of the biggest hurdles, IMO, is going to be changing a business leadership culture that currently puts near term profits and the bottom line above all else. As long as some companies see a competitive advantage in exploiting labor then other companies will feel pressured to follow suit in order to stay competitive.
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    The problem is on a world wide basis the factories in China aren't that bad. What is bad is the reporting that exploits the tragedies there for whatever evil intent the reporter has. It is especially perplexing considering all of the suicides and murders that happen in the US that nobody cares about. The reality is your only alternative for dealing with the mentally ill is a padded room with a good lock or a hangmans noose. Much of what we see people responding too is a rather sad indication as to how gullible many Anericans are.


    Nope it is mental illness about which there is little you can do.
  18. gnasher729, Dec 27, 2012
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    I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, but using the death of a person the way you do is absolutely disgusting. Would you be willing to read your post to the parents of this worker in person?

    And since you are so good at guessing why people commit suicide, what do you think is the reason for 40,000 suicides every year in the USA?

    The suicide rate at Foxconn is lower than the murder rate against US retail workers doing their job. And there is actually a word that entered the English language: "Going postal" because of US employees in boring jobs going to work heavily armed and starting killing their collegues.
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    Let's see if I understand. If Apple allows the media into more of their factories, the media geniuses will notice engineering or other potential health hazards and stop them? Uh huh.

    Media = end of our civilization.


    You realize that's what even the headline says.
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    And Apple is the only one making electronics in China?

    Seems Apple is working pretty hard to make sure conditions improve at Foxconn and working pretty hard at bringing some manufacturing back to the US.

    Seems the non-fanboys should look around before bashing.
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    Feb 17, 2009
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    What guessing?

    "He called me the night before and said that he did not want to work for Foxconn anymore."

    You should have read the article.
    Not that it would have changed your attitude.
    You're too morally invested in your iStuff.
    Carry on. It's obviously a conspiracy.
  23. wizard macrumors 68040

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    These comments are so ill informed that frankly I don't know what to say. You really can't believe everything you read in the newspaper. Some of the nonsense gets proven wrong if you follow the stories long enough and others are just fantasies more than reality.

    I've personally have been in plants in Brazil, Ireland and Germany and honestly folks the workers in the USA get treated like crap in comparison. Spend some time outside of your office cubicle and actually see what is going on in the real world. All of this nonsense doesn't reflect the reality of the situation, of you want to get the ball rolling start right here in the USA.

    By the way, it isn't corporations that are a big problem in the USA, government regulation plays a big part in the problem. If you have a good production run for a quarter you have your hands literally tied when it comes to any sort of reward because everything is seen as taxable by the government. You can't even issue gift cards for the local grocery store for Thanksgiving without an accountant some placing insisting it is taxable income and he is only doing so due to government regulation.

    Take a view of manufacturing in Brazil where some plants underwrite the cost of food in the plant dining facilities. You might think OK but that is terrible cafeteria food and you would be wrong. It is very high quality food and puts what is served in most US plants to shame, actually most US restaurants for that matter.

    The idea that manufacturing plants outside of the USA are somehow universally managed in horrific ways is fantasy. Sure people are expected to work and maybe that is what people in the US are afraid of. I really don't know what the issue is here but I really think we need to eliminate welfare in the US, for people capable of working and let them go hungry. Because frankly we are through the media supporting the wrong causes.

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    This, from the expired TJIC.com, always seems fitting for the thread's recurring topic and the invariable wallowing outrage it elicits:


    Say that we had first contact with some super (economically) advanced aliens.

    …and pretty soon they set up factories here.

    …and I was offered a job in one of these factories, doing software engineering.

    The pay is $400k/year.

    The work week is 20 hours long.

    The work environment is far better than I’m used to – great internal decoration, well tended plants, a zen-like water garden near my desk, massages every other day.

    …and then left-wing alien “sentient being rights activists” started protesting, because I was being forced to work for less than a quarter of the prevailing wage in Alpha Centauri, and my work hours were twice as long as the legal norms in Alpha Centauri, and I didn’t have every mandatory benefits like “other other year off”, and “free AI musical composition mentoring”.

    …and then left-wing alien “sentient being rights activists” wanted to make it illegal for my employer and I to contract with each other at mutually beneficial terms.

    …then I would be rip **** that some elitist who had never visited me, or knew of my actual alternatives on the ground presumed to decide that I shouldn’t have this opportunity.

    Which brings me to my core point: Chinese factory conditions may not be the exact cup of tea for a San Francisco graphic designer or a Connecticut non-profit ecologist grant writer … but they’re, by definition, better than all the other alternatives available to the Chinese workers (or the factories would find it impossible to staff up).

    Butt out, clueless activists.

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