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Feb 17, 2003
New Jersey USA
They are HERE

Check out Apple Store. 1 gig eMacs. 800 at 799 for 800. 1299 for 1 gig. Airport Extreme in the top end!
Apple website not yet updated just the store. Shipping same day!

Not bad for 799, and to think a gig G4 for 1299 WITH superdrive.


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Apr 11, 2003
Re: eMacs Soon?

Originally posted by Macrumors
eMac updates are expected as early as tomorrow...

ThinkSecret reported on 1GHz high end eMacs approximately 2 weeks ago with speeds ranging from 800mhz to 1GHz.

More recent supports suggest $799, $999, and $1299 pricing, hinting at a new model at the low end with steady pricing on the other two models. Speeds are expected to range from 800MHz to 1GHz.

A Page 2 article also suggested that new Apple updates are expected this week. eMacs remain the top candidate -- though Apple also has revealed that new music will also become available on May 6th. International support is expected to follow...

Here's the new eMacs accdg to MacCentral --> new eMacs


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Oct 4, 2002
Near Chicago, Illinois
Didn't the old eMac have 100mhz bus? If so, they bumped it to 133.

What video card did it have before? Is the 7500 an improvement over the old one?

Hmm... Those prices are pretty tempting...


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Apr 3, 2003
Education store knocked out the CRT iMac... There's now a gaping empty
space there.

[edit] Forgot to ask... Was eMac always AirPort Extreme ready?
New ones are... Even the $799 lowest model can be equipped
with AE...[/edit]


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Dec 14, 2002
Yeah, old emac had 100 mhz bus and GForce 2 can still see on the US site, they fogot to change a graphic... How longs it before they drop the 15" iMac now? The bottom end eMac has just as fast processor, bigger screen (in theory but maybe not viewable), better graphics card(?) and a faster buss and it is way way cheaper...just the iMac has more memory and a combo instead of a cd rom and the benifit (or disbenifit depending where you stand) of a Flat screen. The 15" iMac is no way value for money now in my opinion...a price drop would make that beautiful 17" look even more tempting though ;)


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Apr 27, 2003
Definitely now the "best buy." With a reasonable 133MHz non-DDR 512MB single-dimm/60GB HD/Combo Drive configuration, and no AE, the 1GHz is $1149 ($1091 educational faculty/student).

Upgrade the 80GB HD/SuperDrive (doesn't say what speed that I can find) model to 512MB single-dimm to compete with the new 17" iMac w/512 single-dimm (no AE or Bluetooth on either), and it's $1399 vs $1999 ($1244 vs $1939 educational).

Hardly makes the $600 premium ($695 educational) for the LCD panel and bandwidth-limited DDR of the 17" iMac seem worth it. And definitely obsoletes the rumored to be discontinued 15" iMac.

If you absolutely, positively gotta buy a Mac before the 970s, investing as little as possible in a G4 with one of these makes the most sense to me.

However, now that the bottom-of-the-line Mac has the same computing power as the iMac, and except for level 3 cache, the top of the line PowerBook, and the bottom of the line PowerMac, I have to really rethink my prediction of the 970s not coming until this time next year.

[edit]My earlier post accidentally used "by for your school" prices instead of "buy for yourself." I shouldn't post until after the 2nd cup of coffee.[/edit]
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