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    I got some issues with my early 2015 macbook pro with retina display. 2 days I used my macbook pro until the battery drained to 0 percent. After i charged it up to 100 percent, I used it as usual. I noticed that every 30 - 60 minutes, my macbook pro shut off randomly. It also happened when I closed my laptop and let it sleep. When I opened it in the morning, I need to press the power button. After doing some research, I tried to reset SMC and NVRAM, which improve the run time to be 4-6 hours. After 4-6 hours, the laptop shut down randomly. After I ran hardware diagnostic test, it showed this reference code PPT004.

    1. do you guys have any suggestions what should I do with this issue? I live in Indonesia, where there's no apple store. Even the authorized service center cannot be trusted.
    2. I believe the battery cycle is still less than 300. Should I replace the battery? The cost of replacing battery at authorized apple service center in Indonesia is around $400-$600, which is ridiculously expensive.

    Any advice would be helpful

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    Apple Diagnostics: Reference codes

    If you didn't get AppleCare then pay for a new battery. The 300 cycle blurb only applies if the system is under warranty via 1 year or AppleCare.

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