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Apr 12, 2001

Apple this morning released the third developer beta of iOS and iPadOS 14 for testing purposes, tweaking and refining some of the features and design changes that are coming in the update.

Changes get less notable as the beta testing period goes on, but there are some noteworthy new features in the third beta, which we've highlighted below.

- New Music Icon - Apple introduced an updated Music icon that's red and white instead of white and multicolored.


- Music Library - The Music app's Library section was overhauled in iOS 14 beta 3, doing away with some of the red text and adding icons next to the different Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs sections. Buttons have also been tweaked to be gray instead of red, and the Apple Music widget is red instead of white.


- Clock Widget - iOS 14 beta 3 adds a clock widget to the iPhone and the iPad that can show a single city or times from four places around the world.


- Widget Popup - When you swipe over into Widgets for the first time after updating to iOS 14 beta 3, there's a popup that provides instructions on reorganizing widgets.


- App Library Popup - There's also a new popup about App Library that shows up when you swipe over to open it up for the first time after updating.


- Home Screen Popup - When you long press on the Home Screen to edit apps, iOS 14 will now let you know that you can hide Home Screen pages by tapping on page dots.


- Screen Time Widget - The Screen Time widget has been updated in beta 3 and it now shows usage details for the top apps that you've used during the day.


- Display Zoom for 5.8-inch iPhones - iOS 14 brings a new Display Zoom option for 5.8-inch iPhones like the iPhone X, which is designed to make the icons, text, and other elements of the screen larger. As 9to5Mac points out, the new Zoom Mode is likely possible because Apple has been preparing a version of iOS 14 designed to work on smaller iPhones, mainly the 5.4-inch iPhone that's coming this fall.

Display Zoom on iPhone X on left, normal on right​

- Screenshot Editing - When you delete a screenshot in iOS 14 beta 3, the interface is slightly different.


- Snapchat Stories - Apple Music songs can now be shared to Snapchat Stories through the Share Sheet in iOS 14 beta 3.


- Memoji Masks - There is a new Memoji mask type in the third beta that has a slightly different look.


- 3D Touch Disabled - 3D Touch has been disabled temporarily in the beta on 3D Touch-enabled devices. Long pressing still works.

- Shortcut Automations for Apps - Shortcut automations are able to be triggered by an app opening and closing, so you can do things like toggle on Bluetooth when opening up a specific app and then turn it off when you're done.

- Apple Music - The Music app remembers the last play position and timeline position.

Have you found other changes not listed here? Let us know in the comments and we'll add them to the list.

Article Link: Everything New in iOS 14 Beta 3: New Music Icon, Clock Widget and More
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Oct 27, 2017
There's now a precise indicator that appears on location notifications. For example, when enabling hand washing notifications. I don't recall this from earlier betas.
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Apr 17, 2011
Wow...we get a new music icon.

Apple needs to:
1. redesign the notification center. It's ridiculous.
2. add haptic feedback to the keyboard, and make it possible to customize different intensities to your heart's content. It's crazy that you have no feedback whatsoever if you're typing and have the phone on mute.Those who are concerned with battery can just turn it off.
3. make it possible to adjust volume for independent apps and settings and not this general thing they're doing, forcing you to do it while the thing is being played, such as separate volume control for keyboard volume, music volume, ring volume, system volume.
4. add suggestions from the address book when you're dialing a phone number. Common now Apple.
5. make it possible to customize the texting app in every conceivable way. Font size, bubble size shape color.
6. make it possible to schedule a message to be sent at a certain time/date.
7. make it possible to move the icons anywhere you want to.
8. Use an OS-wide clipboard and make it not expire. You should be able to copy text now and paste it tomorrow if you want to.
9. Give us an option to NOT go to the next email but back to inbox after deleting an email.


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Oct 29, 2015
Saskatoon, SK
I do prefer the old music icon - usually I like the new ones more but the other one seemed .. better.

Still wish App Library/hiding pages/home screen widgets came to iPad

Spotlight search really.. really needs to be fixed
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Feb 2, 2009
I have never in my life (that I can recall) gone online to complain about an icon. But wow! I sure hope that gets changed in a later beta.

And what is the point of the small clock widget? It's almost identical to the Clock app icon, which already works live. I'm not sure I see the point other than they had to do something for the small size.
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