External HDD isn't detected anymore

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by greenek, Mar 16, 2016.

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    I have an external Seagate SSHD 1TB drive to store large and less important files, used with SATA-USB bridge. It was plugged in only when I had to transfer some files, for most of the time was detached.

    Today something goes wrong. During copying a large file, transfer has been cancelled with error, got notification that USB drive was removed unsafely and until then system can't detect that drive anymore. It's for sure not the SATA-USB bridge, because another drive is working well. `sudo dmesg` returns no new errors after detaching or attaching drive again and system report -> USB isn't showing any device other than mouse and built-in stuff. I was trying different ports, connecting to another Mac, SMC reset and nothing...

    I have no way to connect the drive directly by SATA. Is any any other way to do something else to check what happened?

    Logs from moment of the incident: http://pastebin.com/yJ3Qt0Sz

    I'm using MacBook Pro early 2011 with OSX 10.11.3.
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    It could be a hardware failure of the drive itself.
    It could be a failure of the enclosure, dock, or dongle that you're using (could you please explain what a "bridge" is?).

    Try the drive in another enclosure, or USB3/SATA dock, or USB3/SATA adapter (dongle).

    Try this:
    1. Power down -- ALL the way off.
    2. Disconnect the drive
    3. Reboot
    4. Once the Mac is at the finder, RE-connect the drive
    5. Wait a while. You're doing this to give the Mac time to find the drive, and if it's having trouble mounting the drive, the finder will try to repair it so that it will mount. This could take some time.

    Does that work?
    If not, can Disk Utility "see" the drive?

    Do you have a -different- Mac to which you could hook up the drive?
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