Finder broken since updated to OSX Sierra

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by ESlattery, Nov 3, 2016.

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    Nov 3, 2016
    I've used Macs since 2009. I always found the finder app brilliant. My 2014 MacBook Air is used for work and is almost at memory capacity. However, since updated to Sierra about a month ago I am finding that 'Finder' is useless. For example; just now I created 4 documents and 'tagged' them 'acknowledgements'. When I went into finder and searched for 'acknowledgements' tag they didn't show up. I then searched them by name and again didn't show up. I can't understand why... It may be something to do with the option to use iCloud for storage which came with Sierra but I don't know how to disable that etc. and I really don't think that should impact the search for documents, if so it's a huge flaw. I'm quite worried about this as it will impact my accounting in my business. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, Emma.
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    In future it might be better to wait several updates before updating OS, I learned it the hard way and nowadays I will wait at least 3 updates before considering new OS. Especially as a business user its better to be safe than sorry... :)

    In your case the problem might be incomplete Spotlight index, you could try reindex by adding the drive to Spotlight exclusions tab in the System Preferences, then remove it from there and wait for reindex to complete which can take several hours if the drive is full of data.

    These kind of bugs have been in Spotlight since Yosemite and for some reason Apple hasn't fixed Spotlight indexing.

    Alternatively you might want to check iCloud preferences and see if they are correct. Personally I don't trust Apple to manage my files and I turned that option off...
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