Fitbit Announces New $200 Smart Wearable 'Blaze' With Touchscreen Display


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Apr 12, 2001

During CES this year, wearable manufacturer Fitbit is showing off the newest addition to its lineup of fitness-focused devices with the $199.95 "Fitbit Blaze". The new product is the first Fitbit with a full color LCD display that includes a touchscreen for users to interact with various activity tracking features and notifications.

Similar to the Apple Watch, the Blaze lets users pop out the case and alternate between different bands and styles for a more customized experience. But, in line with the company's other products, the Blaze has an activity and exercise focus with no other third-party apps available on the device.

The wearable will be able to track daily sleep, exercises, steps, and calories burnt, and also includes FitStar workouts that guide users through regimens with step-by-step instructions. All collected data from the Blaze will be able to be shared onto an iOS, Android and Windows Phone device, as the company's previous products have allowed.

The activity tracker will automatically begin detecting when its wearer is beginning activities like running or playing sports thanks to Fitbit's "SmartTrack" feature, taking some of the hassle out of gathering exercise data for Fitbit customers. The Blaze doesn't have GPS (although it can pull data from a connected smartphone), but includes a heart rate sensor and music controls.

Fitbit says the device will give its users access to the traditional notification settings seen in most smart wearables nowadays, including calls, texts, and calendar alerts on the brand new touchsreen display. The company also promises five days of battery life in total for the Blaze. The new wearable is available in small, large, and extra-large sizing options and, like the Apple Watch, can't be used when swimming.

Those interested can pre-order the Fitbit Blaze for $199.95 in Black, Blue, and Plum. A handful of accessories are also up for pre-order for anyone wishing to add variety to the Blaze, including a $129.95 Metal Links + Frame stainless steel band, $99.95 Leather Band + Frame, and the $29.95 traditional Classic Band in the three previously mentioned colors.

Article Link: Fitbit Announces New $200 Smart Wearable 'Blaze' With Touchscreen Display
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Jan 11, 2008
"The new wearable is available in small, large, and extra-large sizing options"

I bet the small version will be larger than the 42mm Apple Watch.


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Jan 22, 2009
I love how people on this forum automatically reply "Looks like ****" "worthless" as Apple sheep would. Trust me - you want other companies to succeed to create competition. If Apple doesn't have competition, they won't be pushed to create amazing products.

tl;dr - You want Fitbit and others to succeed.


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Oct 26, 2012
if AW 2 does not have more dedicated fitness features and a better battery life i'm sold on this. Even the Microsoft Band 2 is better than AW. 5 day battery life, I can barely get 12hrs if I use the Workout feature for more than 2hrs.

Fitness watches are not about style to all the ones complaining... people who are dedicated to fitness care more about functionality.
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Dec 21, 2010
Did you read the part about how it's focused on fitness and does NOT run any other apps?
I am glad it doesn't run other apps so I will not get distracted. It is same as reading on my kindle, I don't want to get distracted while I am focusing on reading a book. And running apps on such small display is just ridiculous and looks more like a toy.


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Jun 23, 2010
"The new wearable is available in small, large, and extra-large sizing options"

I bet the small version will be larger than the 42mm Apple Watch.
Per their normal sizing, all that would change is the band size. Not the watch face


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May 6, 2008
Agree that the styling is pretty terrible by my taste. They also dropped the GPS feature from it, which was one of the things that sports users complain about with the Apple Watch. So it seems that they've made an ugly watch that doesn't do much of what the Apple Watch does, and the one place they had an advantage they dropped that feature.

I'm sure a lot of people will buy it because they like FitBit and all, but its not really a competitor with the Apple Watch in my assessment.
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Jul 8, 2015
It seems like Fitbit is Apple's only real competition (in the wearables category). Good for them. Let's see what Apple does in response.
I totally agree. However, I think Fitbit should have taken the time to develop something better. Something that the Apple Watch doesn't have, such as adding GPS for workouts or making it waterproof.

They also could have made it look nicer!


Dec 6, 2012
Fitbits have always been great. they pretty much own their space - fitness tracking specific bands. I hope this is a good extension for them, being careful not to go to far into Apples space. I am not fond of the aesthetics, however.
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