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Sep 22, 2020

I want to create a partition for installing Ubuntu on my old Mac Book Pro OS X 10.5.8.
Unfortunately I got stuck in bootcamp trying to create that partition, because of en error caused by some files that can not be moved. There are numerous helpful threads about it that I read (problem solved for example here:
In brief: I need to erase the disk and then restore it from Time Machine so that the free space is continuous and allows creating a new partition. But the problem is I need an install DVD with mac OS which I can't find. For mac as old as I have it does not work with cmd-R in reboot to choose to restore the system and files from a connected disk. I am sure one day I am going to see the old install disk somewhere, but not now that I need it. So I need order a new OSX install disk.

So I am now wondering whether I should perhaps buy OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard install DVD which seems to be compatible with the machine and offering more possibilities, including further system upgrades.

Also, I did try some other things like, copying all large files elsewhere to see if that frees up enough space. Or creating smaller partition, including the minimum size necessary. It seems one can also buy iDefrag, and do a disk defragmentation, but that solution did not seem to have worked for everyone. So if I need to pay money, I would rather get the OSX. And I did try disk utility options to see if there is something it could fix.
Not sure if there are some other shortcuts that might be worth trying.

Actually one other thing I am not sure I understand, is making a copy of the current disk I have with both the OS and the files. Is that called a disk clone? I was confused whether copy and clone of the disk are the same thing. To then I restore everything back from the TM after erasing the disk. But if I instead have use the install DVD, then I am guessing I could install the upgraded OSX 10.6 and then just copy over the files from the backup disk.

Appreciate any advice and clarification!

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