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Apr 12, 2001

France Télécom and Orange executive Stéphane Richard has apparently confirmed in a radio interview that Apple will be launching its much-anticipated tablet device as has been rumored for later this month. AppAdvice offers a translation of the exchange between Richard and Jean-Pierre Elkabbach of France's Europe 1:
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach (the interviewer) : According to Le Point (a french magazine), your partner Apple will be launching a tablet
Stéphane Richard: Yes.
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: ... equipped with a webcam.
Stéphane Richard: Yes.
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: Will Orange customers also be able to enjoy it?
Stéphane Richard: Of course!, they will actually particularly enjoy it because the webcam will allow live video streaming. It's a new take on mobile video-conferencing.
A video of the interview is also available, with the relevant comments beginning at approximately the 6:10 mark.

Article Link: France Télécom Executive 'Confirms' Forthcoming Release of Apple Tablet

mac jones

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Apr 6, 2006
It's true, he got it from a trusted, reliable source Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau who is assigned to the case.


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Jan 7, 2009
One Piece of the Puzzle

That makes sense. The tablets used in Star Trek always had the capability of running live video feeds. It seems that Steve is taking everything he can from Picard and Crew.

Interestingly enough, I think the addition of the video-conferencing will allow users to interact more with branding as well as some other neat stuff. I talked about mobile video a lot in one my recent analyses.


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Jul 11, 2003
In January? I thought we had to wait until March. I hope this thing runs OS X.

Announced January, shipped March. That's what all the rumors have said so far.

Won't run Mac OS X. Then it's a Mac. Not a mass market device.

iPod slate. Everyone will get that. I need the newest and greatest iPod.


Apr 30, 2008
From the Midwest to the Northeast
Web conferencing on the slate?

Definitely am NOT surprised by that. I had a hunch they would put a webcam into it. I'm quite confident that they will have some headphone jack for private conversations or little speakers. In fact, it would be neat for me as creative professional to interact with clients on screen while having coffee somewhere else where there's wi-fi or such.

With wi-fi at home, I can do web conferencing on the tablet while doing the work in the same time.

Again, NOT surprised at all.


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Nov 24, 2008
another "controlled" leak?

Not likely. This is probably more of an "oops".

I mean, I guess I have no real way of knowing, but it seems that they don't usually leak information like this. I think most of their leaked information comes from published "sources".

But anyway, no big surprises here. It just makes me curious as to how the slate will be priced. Probably subsidized with a contract from a major carrier here in the US, and I'm guessing that their will be another version that doesn't have 3G, without a contract for significantly more.


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Dec 7, 2001
Charleston, SC
Oooooooooooo. Someone's in troublllllllllllle.

Apple will certainly be less than pleased by this. However, they can't prevent him from becoming the next CEO. Unless Apple decides to yank the tablet from France Telecom because of this slipup.

And Apple's not that petty.


What's that about Nvidia?


Nevermind then.


In the US, I'm expecting multiple carriers. For this product, I would not be surprised to see both Verizon and AT&T out of the gate.


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Jan 18, 2008

France Télécom and Orange executive Stéphane Richard has apparently confirmed in a radio interview that Apple will be launching its much-anticipated tablet device as has been

what an idiot. Loose lips sink le bateau. I hope that Orange only looks like orange because of the egg on their face when Steve puts them at the back of the slate/table/cooldevice queue.


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Nov 5, 2008
What if you could type with your finger. Like if you make a letter "P" with your finger on the screen, a letter P comes up. That would be cool.


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Oct 2, 2007
part of me wants info before hand and part of me likes the Christmas gift surprise of not knowing....

I do not like this guy or his statements.


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Apr 21, 2003
I wonder whether the iSlate will be available in Canada, or more likely, that Robelus will be stalling this in order to find the best way to screw the Canadian consumer.

Thieves, the lot of them! Telus, Rogers and Bell.
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