Free up Storage Space on iPhone without Deleting Photos or Apps

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Mosaab Inc, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Jan 11, 2017
    Life with 16 and 32 GB iPhones isn’t easy. We’ve already told you about multiple ways you can reclaim storage space. But that usually requires you to delete photos or apps or caches. What if you’re not ready to do that? This trick helps you get rid of the temporary or junk space on your iPhone. Unlike Android, there’s no way to actually clear up junk files, catches or temporary files manually. But there’s a way to push the OS to do this for you. When you’re running out of space, just download a huge app – a free game like Asphalt 8 that’s over 1 GB or Heartstone: Heros of Warcraft that’s a solid 2 GB.


    OS will recognise that you don’t have space for it and will start clearing up junk. If you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, it will start uploading photos to iCloud and deleting the local counterparts. After a while, you can cancel the download or if the download was successful, delete the app. Voila, you might just have gained 1 GB or more of free space.

    The trick is similar to the iTunes movie purchasing trick we can across the last time. But this better because there’s no risk of accidental purchases.

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    That IS good info. Wish I knew this last week!
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    I lived on this for my wifes 16gb iPhone for months. Finally upgraded to 128gb
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    Or you can transfer photos and videos to your computer. Also I use a program called battery doctor that cleans up cache junk so you dont have to wait till you fill it up and then try to download a huge app to do all that.

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