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  1. Flavius12

    EasyDMG2ISO: The easiest way to convert DMG files to ISO

    Hello, I want to share with you my open source app EasyDMG2ISO. EasyDMG2ISO is a small and useful utility to convert DMG files to ISO or CDR format. A DMG file is a kind of Disk Image File commonly used on macOS platform. Sometimes it may be necessary to have the Disk Image in ISO or CDR format...
  2. Q

    Looking to give away Beige G3 tower, QuickSilver G4

    Hi, all. I have an beige G3 tower and a QuickSilver G4 that have been doing nothing but collect dust for years. Would this be an appropriate place to try and find new owners for each of them? If so, I can post pictures. The G3's case is missing a piece that I removed to create a little bit of...
  3. Alvin777

    Best Barcode App & Best QR Code App?

    Hello Mac & Apple friends what's the best barcode app & what's the best QR Code app (preferably totally free) you've tested, that's even smart enough to read accurately even with glare, curved (like cans) & crumpled in the packaging (and surface) & low lighting even? Thank you, advanced happy...
  4. Alvin777

    Free Windows Boot Camp Cloner?

    Hello, I just received my 1TB Crucial SSD. I'd like to clone my Boot Camp Windows 10/11, is there a free Boot Camp Windows cloner for macOS? If there's no free cloner, what's the most affordable way to clone the Windows 10/11 Boot Camp to save time from reinstalling and downloading very large...
  5. Alvin777

    Totally Free Backup or Cloner for Windows 11 Boot Camp?

    Hello Apple friends. Could anyone recommend a totally free good back up or better yet a totally free, good cloner for Windows Boot Camp (Windows 11), so I can fresh install macOS (Windows Boot Camp is currently on the save hardisk as macOS but on a different partition) on a new SSD and the...
  6. Macintosh Quadra 840av

    [Freebie] Luminar Al Photo Editing Software

    Skylum is offering their Luminar Al Photo Editing Software (PC/Mac Digital Download) for Free when you request via the promotional link and supply your email/name and you will receive a complementary link to download/activate this product via email.
  7. Z

    free fonts?

    What is the case with font websites (fontsgeek . allbestfonts etc) that seem to gather fonts from al around the world and distribute them for free? Is what there doing, or downloading fonts from them legit?
  8. Macintosh TV

    [Freebie] Luminar 4 Photo Editor

    Get a free copy of Luminar 4 (normally $47). Luminar helps you organize and edit your photos quickly and effortlessly; enjoy advanced filters, a smart rating system and one-click Luminar looks to speed up your photo editing workflow. Click this link here Enter your name and valid email in the...
  9. rlxone

    Equinox - app for creating macOS dynamic wallpapers

    Hello, MacRumors! 🙂 I wanted to share with you the app that I worked on for a few months. The goal of my app is to give the users ability to create macOS dynamic wallpapers without a lot of hard work. Also, it's free and open-source!
  10. Bespin

    Universal Would love your feedback on our app!

    Hey, fellow Apple fans We’ve launched our free hydration app, Waterful, on Apple Watch, and we’d love to hear your thoughts guys : ) Waterful app in a nutshell: Cute app hero: a friendly hydration coach that keeps you hydrated and happy about yourself 6 unique challenges / 20 badges: focused...
  11. Wolframite

    Other iPhone 13 mini for $9 (after 12 Pro Max trade-in)

    As someone who wanted the 12 mini last year, but instead going for the superior cameras of the 12 Pro Max (yes, I was one of those people clamoring for a small phone, only to get the 12 PM, haha), I couldn’t help but notice on the Apple website that trading in my 12 PM can get me the 13 mini...
  12. P

    Universal Ploppypop [free][game]

    Download Ploppypop here Hello future Ploppypoppers! Over the last past months I developed my very first own iOS game fully in Spritekit. You would really help me with some feedback for the game, it’s for free so just download it and give it a try. Let’s first check the feature list...
  13. bianqurenfm

    Since I don’t like the appearance of Apple’s own player, I created a free music player by programming😺🐶

    Click for details ? ? you can also use it to chat with people all over the world when you are bored ✌
  14. christiann

    Where can I get a free iMac, iBook, Mac Mini, eMac, any PowerPc Apple Computer?

    Hi all, Ive been looking for an iMac, or an iBook, Mac Mini, any PowerPc Apple Computer for free and no luck. I’ve contacted eWaste places.. tried Facebook, Craigslist, Letgo, Offerup, Freecycle, and now I am frustrated from looking OVER a year. I am in the Southern California area, where can I...
  15. A

    MP All Models Giving Away circa 2008 Mac Pro - Preparation?

    I am giving away my old MacPro. The last time I turned it on was over 7 years ago. I do not remember when I purchased it, let alone the internals. To the best of my knowledge it's circa 2010, FireWire 800/400 and has 8MB of RAM. I paid a little over $3,000 for it. I already removed all of...
  16. Ketera

    iPhone [New App] Strive: Fitness, Trends & Treats

    Strive - App Store Hi everyone, We recently released Strive with the intention of helping people utilize their health data in their fitness journey. We're fully compatible with Apple Health, so wave goodbye to that time consuming manual data entry. We already work with your favourite apps...
  17. V

    Universal [Released] Don't Hug Me - my first game

    Hi all After two years of work after hours, I finally managed to release my first game on iOS and Android. The game is called "Don't Hug Me" and was created with the help of Unity 3D. I am very interested in your opinion about my game. What would you change? Maybe you have some tips what to...
  18. Fortun

    Universal Chessplode - Checkmate even if you're bad

    FREE Chessplode is modern chess for everyone, it makes chess fun even if you're bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, one simply move... can change all game. -- THE MODERN RULE -- Chessplode is pretty much like chess with a really BIG twist... - CAPTURE a piece and everything in the same LINE and COLUMN will...
  19. M

    In Honor of Apollo 11, Orbitrack Will Be Free on July 20th

    In Honor of Apollo 11, Orbitrack Will Be Free on July 20th
  20. sotrosh

    Apps Calculator Pi: Free app for iWatch

    Hi, Since Apple calculator is not available on Apple Watch and slightly poor with features on iPhone, I've developed app you can download for free which doesn't have any advertisement. Just try it: Download on the App Store