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    This post is a little longwinded but I want to describe my issues in detail for anyone else experiencing the same incredibly frustrating problem.

    I've had my 6s (64gb, SG, Verizon) since launch day. I didn't have any issues until I updated to iOS 9.3.2. After that my battery life was horrible. I have an Apple Smart Battery Case that I use for long trips (business travel) and after 9.3.2 I was using it every day just to get through a normal work day. On long days I was completely draining both and plugging in. Naturally I assumed it was a software issue. I tried several restores, including DFU restore to no avail. I closely monitored the battery stats in settings but they all appeared normal. I figured an app must have gone rogue during the update and I spent the next few months trying to figure out which one.

    After updating to 9.3.3 the problem got even worse. On several occasions the battery would drain rapidly, like down to less than 20% within a couple hours. If I did a hard reset, the phone would power back on and the battery indicator would read a much higher percentage after restart (18% to 30% for example).

    Friday the phone randomly shut off at around 32% then powered back on showing 46%. It was exhibiting the same behavior as my wife's iPhone 5 back when they had battery recall/replacement program. I contacted Apple support by chat and they remotely ran a diagnostic (which was pretty neat). After looking over the data they said that there was a "known hardware issue" causing the problem and they issued me a replacement phone that I could pick up at the local Apple Store.

    When I went in to pick it up, I asked the tech at the store if a lot of people were having the same problem with the battery and he said "It isn't the battery, the battery is testing fine." He scrolled through some of the diagnostic data Support had pulled from my phone on his iPad and said "There isn't a recall or anything. I don't know what it is exactly, but I've seen it enough times to know the only way to fix it is replacing the phone. It must be a problem with the logic board or something." I took my new phone home, updated to 9.3.3, restored from an encrypted backup on my Mac and my battery life has been amazing. It was off the charger all day yesterday (7am to 11pm) and I still had about 30% left when I went to bed.

    No clue how a software update would trigger a hardware problem like that, or maybe it was just coincidence. The only hardware difference I can see is that the first phone had a Samsung A9 and the new one has a TSMC A9. No idea if that is part of it, just figured it was worth mentioning.
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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Interesting... I have a TSMC A9 in my 6s and the battery life has been awesome. The only time I struggle to get through a day is if I'm working in a remote location with poor cell reception (which happens frequently enough in my line of work). For those occasions I have a mophie juice pack battery case that gets me through the day...

    Makes me wonder if the Samsung A9 based phones will have more issues over time...
  3. mich070 macrumors regular

    Oct 22, 2013
    From my side I can only add that I have a samsung chip on my phone. And what I noticed a lot, is that my processor or however you call it, gets super hot, and the phone in general too. The battery of course drains also faster. I was thinking about sending it in through my operator and they will send it to apple. If they are gonna do sth about it, that's another question. I really hope that they are gonna swap my phone, because holding a super hot phone after only surfing on it or texting is quite ridiculous. I never experienxes this with any iohone model before
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    This is not to nitpick, simply to share the image these typos created in my mind. My imagination immediately conjured up mich070 tossing a red-hot phone from one hand to other while typing this message.

    As far as the topic of the thread, it's pretty crazy that the diagnostic didn't show anything. And crazier that all that troubleshooting got you nowhere. I feel like 'musta been the motherboard' is getting too common of a phrase, though. Although, if that's actually what is....... eh.
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    Dec 27, 2014
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Hi there!
    Just wanted to share my concern regarding the battery life of my iPhone. Bought my 6s 64gb on release day and had extremely good battery life the first 5 months with about 7-8 hours of screen-on time. After updating to iOS 9.2 and after a couple of sudden shutdowns due to cold weather in Sweden during winter, the battery life has really deteriorated with only 3-5 hours of screen-on time. And that is with the same settings as before such as: screen brightness set on approximately 30%, every background update turned off and no difference in app usage. I downloaded the coconutbattery app that shows 233 cycles and 10-15% battery deterioration. Mind you I'm not a heavy user! Do you think something's wrong with my battery? Anyone having the same experience?
  6. bhayes444 macrumors 6502a

    Jul 13, 2013
    Yeah, my near launch day 6s was getting better battery life when I first got it. As of now it has like 250-260 cycles and like 8% battery degradation. I was getting like 3 hours of SoT, now it is more like 2.5. It seems reasonable to me. However, that supposed 8% degradation feels more like 20% based on my real world usage.

    I've never even come close to 7-8 hours of SoT. Do you read books or watch movies a lot? I can get my usage stats to 8 hours on the regular, but not my screen on time.
  7. JohnCrichton macrumors member


    Dec 27, 2014
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Usually a day for me looks like this: manually checking and reading news via the pulse app (now replaced with ziner) a couple of times a day, calorie tracking via lifesum, listening to music through Spotify 1-2h/day, checking various tech sites with safari a couple of times/day, fitness tracking with Jefit ~1h and some youtubing in the evening. The phone used to last me through the day with 30% or so left until plugged in. I don't get it, I've never had any battery problems with ip 4, 5s and 6+ with consistent battery life throughout the time I used the phones. I'll contact Apple when I'm back from my vacation!
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    The diagnostic must have shown something because after seeing it they immediately offered a replacement. All they could tell me was that it was a "known hardware issue" and that it's not the battery. I think there's an issue they haven't figured out, but there must be something that alerts them to it.
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    I think the cold temperature is a known issue as well. That was one of the questions Support asked me. If it had been exposed to extreme cold. i recall reading other people's complaint regarding the 6s shutting down in cold temperatures. That was not the case with me however.
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    On the sliver scream
    Thanks for this thread, I noticed lesser battery life after my first and (so far) only cold weather shut down, running 10.0.2. I was forced to upgrade my 6s to 10 after the activation lock DFU restore debacle. I'll keep an eye on my battery life, but basically my usage is answering gmail through the web (after the Yahoo hack I gave up on native email or apps), light surfing, writing emails, light calendar, texting and phone usage and watching videos. I keep my phone on low power mode and now also airport mode too when I know I won't be checking it. Airport mode seems to slow down the battery drain especially over night.

    I hope everyone's issues are resolved, but if I notice the cold weather shut down again I am taking this to Apple.

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