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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by dwmreg, Aug 20, 2016.

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    I have a random problem with bluetooth in my vehicle since Apple released one of the their 9.xx releases in the spring. I will get into my car and the car will pair with the iPhone 6s plus. The car is a 2015 model with top of the line Navi from Honda. Randomly the initial outgoing call I make will be garbled. I have an example of this which I'll try and attach here. I'd like to know if other users are experiencing this probem which continues to exist in the beta of iOS 10 beta 6. I just got beta 7 and so far I have not experienced the problem. This could be due to Apple changing the Bluetooth software in their devices. Anyone else see this problem?

    Here's an example audio file for the problem:

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    I didn't listen to the audio, but I have a similar issue with incoming calls on any BT device I use. I can talk for 20 minutes with no problem, and then all of a sudden it's like the person at the other end has gone under water.
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    Same here! Very annoying.

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