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that be me

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Sep 12, 2013
I'm glad they're making it more like the Oppo foldable. That'll make the outside screen actually usable. Just looking at the form factor I think this is it.

When it comes to the software, and the habit Google has for abandoning neat ideas, I think I'll pass on this one.

the future

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Jul 17, 2002
As soon as Apple come out with their own foldable all the naysayers here will be ****** in their pants at the thought… it will be much better and more refined than everything that came before, with clear and obvious jobs-to-be-done, and Apple will deservedly reap the market share rewards for their patience.

The Apple fetish competence is real.


Apple always wait until a new device category is ready for prime time. Foldables still aren‘t.


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Jun 25, 2007
St. Paul, Minnesota
I'm grateful that Samsung, Google, and Co. experiment with form factors so that Apple can release them when they are ready.

That sounds snarky and negative towards those companies, but it isn't. They have their lane of progressing engineering and industrial design, and Apple has their lane of using the tried and true method.


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One thing about foldables, especially the versions like this purported Google Pixel Fold, that offer a full sized outer screen is that they’re doing so because they know the device doesn’t make sense if you have to unfold it every time in order to use it. They include the outer screen to make the device more like a current slab device that just so happens to also have a larger inner screen.

And that added screen drives up cost and reduces battery size (to fit in the added screen hardware). So they’re making two devices in one, just for the “convenience” of being able to carry a phone and mid-sized tablet in their pocket.

Like any product out there, there will be a subset of consumers who see this is exactly what they want and need for their particular use case, but I would venture to guess that it will always be a small portion of the overall market. Between the cost and fragility of the folding screen, it’s a niche product category.

I’m more than happy to carry a smaller smartphone for the quick and easy call, text, email and various web/app interactions, and have access to my iPad Pro for when I need to do work (using a physical keyboard) or for watching videos.
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Nov 14, 2022
HaHa. The arguments against anything BIGGER than what Apple had for sale at the time slung the word phablet. Let's not re-write history. One handed use. Pants with bigger pockets. App resolution fragmentation. And good old "abomination" was slung like crazy to rationalize the 3.5" and then 4" that Apple offered. Do some searches and look back at countless threads here where anything other than Apple's chosen screen size was "abominations" and generally called- correctly or incorrectly- phablets.

Then Apple rolled out bigger-screen phones and they immediately become "Best iPhone ever" and "how did we ever get by with those puny screens?"

The magic to make "our" opinions flip is for Apple to stick their logo on one of these and spend a few minutes telling us how great flip/roll phones are. Then, we will magically see tons of use cases and turn on the classic slab just like we turned on 4" screens as perfect size. We can't do that now because Apple doesn't offer one yet. So, of course, all such creations by others is stupid, "no use case", ugly, etc to be followed any time now by "99% don't want" and the rest of the bag of dislike posts... which then won't apply- and be outright forgotten- when Apple rolls out their cut of the same.

If anyone is ”rewriting history” it’s you. The iPhones have never had a ”phablet” size factor and even the wiki article on Phablet is wrong to include it. It even includes the 4” screen Nokia 810. Bad definition.

If it fits in a classic Levis 501 pocket it should never be called a phablet.

Above 7” like my friend’s dumb Dell Streak and you talking phablet. If a device unfolds to be well above 7” then its a phablet.

The term ‘phablet’ is stupid anyway. A journalist invented term that never appeared on product pages until journalists made it up.
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Sep 11, 2014
My husband uses his Z Fold 3 a surprising amount. It fits well into his workflow. The display is beautiful and he’s unbothered by the crease in it, which isn’t always visible in indoor environments.

That being said, in our experience with Google hardware, which we both also like, it can be really buggy. I’m kind of skeptical about them getting it smooth first time out on a foldable. They need to offer support incentives like Samsung did, especially at this price point.


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Jul 8, 2011
This looks much better than the Samsung one. I never understood the appeal of super tall and skinny screen on the front of the Samsung Fold...


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Mar 15, 2011
This looks much better than the Samsung one. I never understood the appeal of super tall and skinny screen on the front of the Samsung Fold...
Samsung outer screen is easy for one-handed use, that's pro. Also, you can setup Samsung keyboard with better spacing and it can be used two-handed.


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Oct 5, 2008
It looks great.

I sold my iPhone 14 Pro Max and only use my Fold4. It's been months now and I don't regret it. Once you get used to that big inner display, it's hard to even go back to a regular bar style phone.


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Jul 19, 2019
Planet Earth
I have no interest in folding phone but if I did I would stay far away from a Pixel phone. Google's track record with hardware especially phones is not good.


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Nov 5, 2010
i like the bits
"...foldable, it admitted in the same breath that it didn't see "a clear use case yet."
"...Apple's long game has allowed it to watch and learn" (reminds me of aapl ev strategy)
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Dec 11, 2007
I will seriously consider this. I am more than ready to get a folding smartphone.

I prefer the outer screen of this model versus the Fold 4. I wish the inner screen was 8" though.

Still this looks better to me than the Fold 4. Hopefully it will have dust resistance. Otherwise that is a dealbreaker for me.
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Jun 12, 2012
Apple needs to do a iPhone/ iPad mini.

I do want a foldable iPhone and I don’t care about the crease.

I read a lot of reviews on YouTube that you get used to it like the fkn notch that everyone was complaining about.

I'm still shocked they haven't done a 2-in-1 laptop that runs Mac OS when docked and iPadOS when separated.


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Jul 6, 2012
Google doesn't exactly sell alot of phones, numbers wise, anyways. Bit odd they're wasting money in this small area of the general smartphone market.


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Oct 18, 2020
This is the perfect aspect ratio for fordable phones.

I have the Fold 2 and hate its narrow front screen, and squarish inner screen.

My only problem with Pixel phones is their weak CPU.
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Nov 7, 2012
Foldables are nice in theory to me.

But until someone comes up with a material that can fold and unfold without leaving any noticeable crease or indent, I'd rather stick to the tried, true and boring slate form factor.
Yeah, the crease is a deal breaker for me. Also: when folded the phone feels clumsy (my Samsung Fold experience). I do think this could be an interesting form factor, it just needs some more development. I would be interested in seeing a foldable table, without al the camera selfie stuff, and without a closed phone mode. Seems like a neat way to store my iPad mini :)


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Nov 7, 2007
If I'm gonna have the weight and thickness increased on my phone for the sake of a feature, I'd rather that space is allocated to more battery than more screen. I still think there's a market for an iPhone that lasts a full week on a single charge without having to plug it in.
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