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Apr 12, 2001

At the Google I/O keynote in San Francisco this morning, Google demonstrated an upcoming overhaul for its mobile mapping apps on iOS and Android and announced an iPad version of Google Maps that will hit the App Store this summer.

The new version of Google Maps will incorporate both restaurant and location ratings from Zagat. Google is bringing Google Offers integration to its mobile maps, offering discounts and coupons from retailers like Starbucks directly in the app. Searching for a restaurant or location within Google Maps will display ratings, reviews, and available offers.

Google also plans to add live coverage of traffic incidents around the world, providing real time alerts with dynamic re-routing capabilities to improve the functionality of its turn-by-turn directions. As for Google Maps on the iPad, Google introduced a new tablet-centric feature called "Experience," which provides indoor maps for a variety of locations, displaying restaurant and shopping options.

While on stage, Google's Mobile Director of Maps Daniel Graf didn't waste an opportunity to poke fun at Apple's Maps. While speaking about Google Maps on iOS, he had this to say: "People called it sleek, simple, beautiful... and let's not forget accurate."

Apple Maps, which was introduced alongside iOS 6 to replace Google Maps, has been heavily criticized for providing inaccurate results and for its lack of crucial features, like transit information. Though Apple has been working to improve Maps, the addition of real time traffic reports, rerouting, and a more personalized experience puts Google Maps even further ahead of Apple Maps.

Google also demoed its redesigned desktop mapping experience, which has a heavy focus on both "immersive imagery" and a more personalized experience. As noted by The Verge, Google Maps will be given a total design overhaul, displaying an edge-to-edge map within the browser window that is accented by a single search box. Maps are vector-based and quick loading, with details on locations and directions provided by information cards.

A lone search box in the upper left gives you access to Maps' features, as does clicking on elements within the map. Google has integrated Google Now's card metaphor to present information from a newly built-in version of Google Earth, reviews from Zagat and Google+, Street View, and directions. And new user interface tweaks surface locations and transit routes before you even search for them.
Clicking on a location within Google Maps will display reviews and a 360 degree inside-view option. Maps on the desktop has also been enhanced with imagery that allows users to explore mountains, oceans, and more, as it incorporates Google Earth's 3D view.

Google is currently allowing users to sign up to preview the new Google Maps desktop experience. Google's iPad app and redesigned mobile apps will be released this summer.

Article Link: Google Shows Off Upcoming Map Changes, Announces iPad App


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Oct 1, 2007
When it comes to maps, it seems like a battle that Google is just so far ahead that nobody will be able to catch up.


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Aug 8, 2008
It's hard to imagine how Apple can catch up to Google Maps anytime soon. I hope they wise up in iOS7 and allow users to make Google Maps the default.


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Sep 22, 2009
I just signed up to get early access to it! Awaiting confirmation email......

This is a really cool upgrade to Google Maps, I can't wait to see it on mobile.


Nov 25, 2012
United States
Netflix? Spotify?...

True, but that even further proves my point, once their air gets flooded with subscription models for the same services it won't be a revenue grabber for companies much longer. For the record I have no idea why anyone pays for Netflix? The quality of the video is poor and the selection is more outdated than my grandmother. :D


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Feb 9, 2012
Netflix? Spotify?...

Netflix: I don't watch a single movie hundreds of times, but I do listen to a single song hundreds of times. So, a subscription or rental model works great for me when it comes to movies, but I don't want that for my music.

Spotify: I love Spotify, but I use the free version on my computer. If I discover a song I like, I just buy it on iTunes. If Google offers a free version of their new music service, I definitely will check it out.


May 3, 2012
True, but that even further proves my point, once their air gets flooded with subscription models for the same services it won't be a revenue grabber for companies much longer. For the record I have no idea why anyone pays for Netflix? The quality of the video is poor and the selection is more outdated than my grandmother. :D
The quality of the video is dependent upon the speed of your internet connection. And I guess millions of people must not know what you know and are stupid for having Netflix. :rolleyes: They aren't just a streaming service either... you can... you know... rent DVDs and Blu-ray and such.

Anyway... just requested an invite as well. The vid is pretty cool... looking forward to the new features. Powerful simplicity is a lovely thing.


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Sep 20, 2008
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
lol - gotta love this childish anti-apple / anti-google / anti-Samsung / pro-anythingelse attitude ..

I love the intawebz ...

The problem is the original poster I quoted had nothing to contribute but a very arguable claim of "Google FTW". I have nothing against Google, and use Google Maps almost daily, but that post is simply absurd, and is out of context.


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Dec 9, 2008
Improved maps? It'll be "like giving a glass of ice water to someone in Hell.” Booooooom, context swap!


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Nov 26, 2007
With the exception of coupons and experience (which is tablet only) this sounds like Google is playing catch up to me.

I wonder if Apple will have new features for Google to copy in time for next year's I/O at this year's WWDC again. (Not that I need new features... I'd be good with Apple just adding transit and indoor maps - both of which would be Apple playing catch up.)
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