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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has discussed selling a new top-of-the-line iPhone alongside the Pro and Pro Max models in 2024 at the earliest, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Based on this timeframe, the device would be part of the iPhone 16 lineup or later.


In a September 2022 edition of his weekly "Power On" newsletter, Gurman said there was "potential" for an iPhone 15 Ultra to replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year. In today's edition of his newsletter, however, he suggests Apple might instead release the Ultra as a new highest-end, higher-priced model next year at the earliest.

"But instead of renaming the Pro Max 'the Ultra,' Apple could add an even higher-end iPhone above both Pro models," said Gurman. "Internally, the company has discussed doing just that — potentially in time for the 2024 iPhone release."

It's unclear how the new high-end model would differ from the Pro and Pro Max, but Gurman speculated that the device could feature additional camera improvements, a faster chip, a larger display, and perhaps a portless design without Lightning or USB-C. He said the device would be "pricier" than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which starts at $1,099.

Article Link: Gurman: Apple Considering New High-End iPhone Alongside Pro and Pro Max
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May 1, 2021
So they want to charge even more for a mass produced device on a Chinese factory line? Or do they want to try a squeeze in an M chip and make it foldable? And charge 3 grand for it.
And if it was a bigger screen without being foldable, who wants it? Is a 6.7” screen too small for a phone? What would it be 7.5”?

Meh think I’ll buy me a 13 Pro Max in that lovely blue colour next, and keep it for years.
In addition, it would be nice if Apple brings the iPhone Mini back. This should be the 2024 iPhone lineup.

  • iPhone Mini
  • iPhone Pro
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • iPhone Ultra
Move the regular iPhone line up towards the Spring and get rid of iPhone Plus.

Can we also get iPhone Ultra in Product Red, please? I miss the Product Red iPhone.

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Why is everyone getting excited by this? It just means they’ll screw over pro users to rip you off.

Tim is pure greed.
It will be worth it if this iPhone Ultra is going to offer 1 week of battery life on a single charge. Who knows maybe by then Apple will be able to pull it off?


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Nov 4, 2020
Montebello, CA
the Mac line was having an identity crisis during the 2010s while the iPhone thrived. This decade it'll be the opposite lol

If I had to guess though, the way this would be executed could be similar to the iPhone X. The rest of the line gets their incremental update as usual, and then Apple drops ONE MORE THING as their "epic next generation leap" phone with a very very premium price to justify it. No port, no physical buttons, maybe even a new design. What would complete the package though is it having a full display with no pill/notch. Not sure if that lines up for 2024 though! Maybe 2025.


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Nov 11, 2020
Mexico City living in Berlin
At this point what is even the point … same OS, same Apps, no matter which fairly recent device you use, you’ll end up using it the exact same way.

Their whole price strategy is getting weird. The top of the line is getting out of reach for a lot of people but why settle for something „not as great“. Might as well stick to what I already have and simply buy nothing new at all
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Feb 17, 2012
Apple is very sleek when it comes to getting their way, they will first introduce the portless phone as an ultra premium feature and then when it's time to make the overall transition it's gonna be advertised as a premium feature now available on the peasant lineup while they will have achieved avoiding further port regulation.

Also, IMO what we need is not more iPhones to choose from, they are already too many and they are the same year after year anyway, what we need is fewer models, less frequent but more substantial hardware releases and better and more capable software, the hardware is already good enough, the software is where there is tons of room for improvement.
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