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Dec 30, 2022
Eindhoven, Nederland
"Not a thing" if you ignore the thousands of games available. Here are 43,000 options on Steam:

You might not like any of those thousands of games, but I play some of them. I didn't buy my Mac for gaming, but it does well when I play games. I think people saying they can't game on a Mac really mean Macs don't have some of the games they play.
I have tried, I really tried hard to make gaming on Mac work, it just doesn’t. Of a 100 AA+ games only ~3 are supported on Mac. I tried to find a shooter and strategy games. The ones you find on steam have or very poor performance, are old, or have no online player base. The Mac’s are great computers but claiming that they are for gaming is plain stupid and Apple should stop misleading their customers.
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Apr 26, 2017
I like the Midnight a lot, even though fingerprints probably still are more visible than other colors.
It doesn’t disturb me more than earlier MBA’s in other colors anyway.
What I really like is the shift of colors. From midnight to purple, black and grey, and back to midnight.


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Nov 17, 2008
Yes, that reviewer is certainly someone that I would trust for any scientific analysis of data. Honestly, where do you find these wonderful reviews by people that obviously have no idea what they are doing? Hint, the distances make both those sound measurements less than useless.
If you read to the end it is just an advertisement to buy an M1 or M2 Max from OWC. Not exactly a scientific and unbiased review.
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