Hello i am trying to quit smoking

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by generallystupid, May 12, 2018.

  1. generallystupid macrumors newbie


    May 12, 2018
    At May 12 2018 4:37 , i decided to quit my smoking habit
    The reversal process starts now :)
  2. TiggrToo macrumors demi-goddess


    Aug 24, 2017
    Out there...way out there
    Good luck! (ex Smoker of 20+ years myself)
  3. generallystupid thread starter macrumors newbie


    May 12, 2018
    I Could not find a proper forum with activity , so i decided to join here and share my problems

    Thanks a lot
  4. Mefisto macrumors 6502a


    Mar 9, 2015
    The North
    Quitting is super easy, I've done it many times!

    In all seriousness, though, the best of luck to you. It's not going to be easy, but in the end it will be worth it, if only for the money you save. But the other benefits are nice too. My longest quit was a little over seven months, and the thing I remember the most was that my taste buds came alive in a way I didn't even remember.

    You got this.
  5. A.Goldberg macrumors 68020


    Jan 31, 2015
    Best of luck! I’ve never smoked, but I have a ton of patients who do and many that have quit.

    What technique are you using? Cold turkey? Chantix? Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches, gum, lozenges)?
  6. generallystupid thread starter macrumors newbie


    May 12, 2018
    Thanks a lot for all the replies and support ,
    I am using nicotine chewing gums to stop this smoking habit , i have been smoking closing to 3 years .
    I don't want to die of cancer :)
  7. TiggrToo macrumors demi-goddess


    Aug 24, 2017
    Out there...way out there
    I was a five year smoker myself (peer pressure at school :rolleyes:) gave up at the same time as my then girlfriend. That was a bad idea because we fed each other's excuses (as two dumb kids in love are wont to do) when we went down to the pub and proceeded to use the 'its just one' excuse with each other. Within weeks we were both back at square one.

    Took me another 2 years of smoking again before one time I was at a friend's place over the weekend which led me to stop. At the time I smoked Silk Cuts which were milder than others. My friend was a Malboro man himself - and a chain smoker to boot whereas I was a 20-a-day gal.

    Well, I'd only brought a couple of packets with me and as he lit up I find I tended to as well. And that 40 odd stash of fags quickly ran out. Luckily for me (?) I could cadge some fags from him - his much stronger Malboro's :eek:. Which I did until the next day when I felt quite ill.

    The following Monday at work I went outside to light up and my my whole stomach churned at the idea.

    That was the time I gave up for good. And that was well over 20 years ago (I seem to think it was something like the mid 90s).

    I heard through the grapevine about 10 years ago that my friend (whom I'd long since lost contact with and who was just 2 years older than me), had passed from emphysema :( many years earlier.

    Me? Despite being in my 50s now, with a dodgy knee and elsewise being generally unfit, I can still run upstairs while doing housework...
  8. CrazyAce macrumors newbie


    May 13, 2018
    Best of luck. If you can put your mind to it than it's possible.
  9. Matz Contributor


    Apr 25, 2015
    Rural Southern Virginia
    As a recovering tobacco addict, I’ll offer a few things that helped me stop successfully. You may find some or all helpful.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • When (not if) the urge to smoke strikes, wait. It will pass, usually within 15 or 20 minutes, if that long.
    • Avoid hanging around those who smoke. Much, much easier to do today than it was when I finally stopped.
    • Avoid ingesting tobacco in any form.
    Any reason to quit is arguably a good reason, but the effects of doing so are far-reaching. Stay with it!
  10. SL4VE macrumors 6502

    Aug 19, 2010
    I started smoking when I was 12 kind of gave up 2 years ago. But last time I smoked was in August 2017.

    I think when you're giving up and you have real cravings try to resist. But if you still have the craving for an hour. Have a cig, because it's just going to drive you made but make sure you tell yourself you have a limit of 1-2 a day and then bring that down to 1-2 a week. Don't go mad saying I've quit if you really really want a cig.

    Also once you started to do well you can try valing, it's helped me a lot and I still value in the evenings but not a lot. It keeps me away from cigs. Remember it's a lifestyle change and an on going process. Now I hate the smell of cigarettes and totally gone the other way but I can vape to get my fix if really needed.

    Now I need to start eating healthy
  11. sartrekid macrumors 6502a

    Oct 30, 2014
    You need to find out what is the best way for you to quit smoking.

    I smoked for about ten years. I quit twice. The first time of abstinence lasted for about a year.
    The second time (after about another year of smoking) I quit again. Both times I quit cold turkey. I've now been without nicotine since 2015.

    To help me get rid of the habit, I took on another habit; E-cigarettes. However, I did not use liquids that contained nicotine or any other substances found in "normal" cigarettes. Thankfully, e-cigarettes have never become a habit for me, but they served me well as a "crutch" during times where I felt mentally fragile.

    I wish you all the best of luck!
  12. Huntn macrumors P6


    May 5, 2008
    The Misty Mountains
    Hang in there! You can do it!
    My Dad who tried to quit smoking for 30 years, finally did, cold tiurkey no medication assistance, when he got a scare from the doctor.
    My wife who smoked when I met her, quit smoking cold turkey, no problem, she was young and not addicted.
    As a seven year old, I asked my Dad if I could take a puff of his cigarette. He said, sure, take a drag. That cured me of my desire to smoke as I coughed my lungs up. ;)
    They say if you have a routine associated with smoking like read the paper, coffee and a smoke, change it up, go to a different room or something. :)
  13. Volusia macrumors 6502


    Jun 8, 2016
    Central Florida
    Hope you are hanging tough! I quit about 4 years ago, so it is possible. Good luck and keep at it. Find new things to occupy your time
  14. generallystupid thread starter macrumors newbie


    May 12, 2018
    Thanks a lot TiggrToo , CrazyAce , Matz , SL4VE , sartrekid , Huntn , Volusia

    The bad thing was i used to smoke at least 10 cigarettes /day for the last 2 and a half years .
    That's a lot of cigarettes ,
    Why i am quitting is mostly because i read about COPD , chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and suddenly i am scared of it .
    I already have some breathing difficulty , not much but a little . I do not want to make it worse .My lungs are feeling a bit heavy .

    I spend a lot of time in front of computers , mostly trying to learn about reverse engineering these days because i don't have anything else to do . When i take break from searching , and collecting materials i listen to trance music and i smoke .

    I have to cut down that habit too,because

    1, There is not much good music in YouTube
    2, Too much music makes you hyper in the head .

    I am trying to avoid all these .

    I hope this video helps anyone trying to quit smoking ,

    What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

    I Think the most important thing is to stay hydrated ,

    I read somewhere that this herbal drink mix of Ginger-Garlic-Lemon-Honey , is really good for lungs

    I am going to start taking these herbal drinks from today evening itself .
  15. Mac'nCheese macrumors 68040


    Feb 9, 2010
  16. Septembersrain macrumors 68040


    Dec 14, 2013
    Good luck! I can't seem to break the habit since I started vaping. Hard to call it bad when it tastes this good.

  17. Apple OC macrumors 68040

    Apple OC

    Oct 14, 2010
    quit tobacco 5 years ago... still enjoy my Apple Pie vape though.

    I haven't even had a cold in the five years since I quit tobacco.

    best of luck
  18. old mac, Jun 3, 2018
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    old mac Suspended

    old mac

    May 16, 2011
    It's been six weeks and two days since my last cigarette, after smoking for forty years. I went from two packs a day to a half pack a day, then I started Chantix. I continued smoking until I ran out.

    There has been a lot of good advise so far, the only thing I can add is, keep your cigs in an inconvenient location. My cigs went from my shirt pocket, to the top of the fridge, to my pickup.

    My sense of smell or taste hasn't improved yet, but my chronic sinus problem has disappeared.
  19. Scepticalscribe Contributor


    Jul 29, 2008
    The Far Horizon
    My father had been a smoker (pipe) all his life and went cold turkey the night before he had a major heart operation (stent and by-pass) in September 2001. (Yes, that week).

    He never smoked for the rest of his life, but he found that altering the routines associated with smoking helped.

    Good luck.
  20. NightGeometry macrumors regular

    Apr 11, 2004
    I gave up over the period of about two years. I cut out specific smokes one at a time to ween myself off the time of day habit. Two years was also long enough for me to really want to not smoke. I gave up my coffee break smokes, then my immediate pre-work smoke, my immediate post work smoke etc.

    By the time i stopped i was down to about 5 a day during the week, then I just stopped.
  21. old mac Suspended

    old mac

    May 16, 2011
    I miss the cup of coffee smoke. I might as well stay in bed.
  22. NightGeometry macrumors regular

    Apr 11, 2004
    I miss all of them, some days. :(
  23. LizKat macrumors 601


    Aug 5, 2004
    Catskill Mountains
    It's a tough addiction. I must have quit smoking six or eight times from sometime in the 90s to 2000, but for no particular reason I've ever figured out, having to quit during a blizzard here (in 2000, when Martin Luther King day weekend left me without cigarettes --involuntarily-- for three days) really stuck with me even after I was free to go buy a pack or a carton and resume smoking. I just didn't want to go there again I guess. I had quit and I knew it was easier to stay quit than have to quit again.

    "Free at last" indeed... for 18 years now and I don't count, I just don't smoke.

    Staying hydrated is important. I swapped out coffee for tea or seltzer for awhile after quitting. I found pencils to play with while I talked on the phone. I got up and walked around the block on what used to be my cigarette breaks hanging out with colleagues who still smoked just outside the building at work. Anything to either appease some craving in a completely different way, or else try consciously to switch up old patterns of feeling like wow I have to have a cigarette with this or before this or after this. I'd start my morning with some chore like cutting up veggies for a lunchtime stir fry instead of having a cuppa coffee. YMMV... be careful with sharp knives if you're half asleep. :D

    I was really really hooked. I started smoking when I was around 22 and never even tried to quit until I was into my 50s. Congratulations for having way more sense than I did. I appear to have skated on lung cancer but you never know... anyway at least I'm not bumping up the risk any more so I must be content with that. I certainly feel better and have more energy (and don't need to salt my food anywhere near how I once did).

    Keep trying again after awhile if you fall back to it. Lots of people do take multiple tries to realize it's more of a pain to quit again than to say no to the next cigarette after you've been off them for a little while. Whatever it takes is whatever it takes.

    For me it was always cold turkey and I always smoked my "last" pack down to the last cigarette. I never understood one of my brothers who'd throw an almost full pack and a lighter out the truck window on an impulsive decision to try to quit again. He finally made that stick for him, so who knows. When he'd do that I was always so shocked at my reaction (since I'd already been quit for a long time) which was almost to yell "Stop the truck I could use those!". It's a hellish addiction... every smoker has to find his own way to acknowledge it and quit anyway. The best of luck to you. You can do it: you are doing it.
  24. Huntn macrumors P6


    May 5, 2008
    The Misty Mountains
    Are you still drinking coffee? I cut out coffee, but am drinking herbal teas which don’t have the caffeine, strangely seem less due to the lack of a drug component, yet are enjoyable to drink.

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