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    I restored my iPhone 6 recently, and all the apps seem to have not been fully updated when using an iCloud backup, so I have like 73 updates to do. When I try to do those updates it says "Theres is a billing problem with a family member's previous purchase" "Ask the family organizer to update their billing information". Problem is, I never set up or joined Family Sharing, so I went into settings to leave or shut it off, but its labeled as "Set Up Family Sharing". But when I click that, it says "Cannot Start Family Sharing" "(The Email for my Account) is already used for shared purchases in (presumably Chinese characters)'s family. Ask (chinese characters) to send you an invitationto join Family Sharing. According to google translate, the first Chinese Characters mean Junfeng Money and the second set mean Junfeng.
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    can't help you with that, hardly think anyone can. Have you contacted Apple?
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    You will need to call Apple support on this one.
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    Apr 24, 2018
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    Step 1: change your Apple ID password and security questions, upgrade to two factor authentication (2fa) if you have more than one Apple device or can add a secondary trusted phone number.

    Step 2: call 1800myapple or go to and schedule a call.

    While on the phone get to a Senior Advisor with either the iCloud or iOS/Mac group.

    Either have your security question answers or if using 2fa a temporary support pin from so the advisor can verify your identity.

    Then the Advisor will be able to remove you from that family group. You can then verify your payment info and you’ll be good to go.

    Note: wait times have been fairly short lately. Should take less than 15 minutes if you get a relatively competent advisor. Make you sure you get a Senior Advisor though. A t1/entry level advisor can’t complete the required steps.

    Hope this helps

    Edit: didn’t see how old this post was. Assuming all is good now haha
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    I have this problem too. Apple is telling me though that a senior advisor does not have authority though.
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    Once you get to a Senior Advisor, have them verify the identity of your Apple ID. Once they have done that, tell them to go to the Family Sharing section of their Apple ID support tool, once there they should see a "detach iTunes" option to remove the Chinese account from Family.

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