Here's How Apple's New HomePod Speaker and iMac Pro Look in Person

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    Apr 16, 2015
    Depends on how these things connect. If Bluetooth, then probably yes. If Wifi only, then the TV will have to transmit audio via AirPlay. That will mean a change in how the TV works. I believe right now it's only capable of receiving an AirPlay stream, not sending one. And it will likely require an TV 5 in order to have enough processing power to stream full bandwidth wifi audio via AirPlay, and communicate with the speaker to approximate distance from the screen to maintain proper sync with the picture; in addition to streaming video from the web.
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    How would home pod handle multiple users? There are 2 Apple users in my house, but 3 non Apple users. I wouldn’t want others causally messing up my playlist recommendations or sending texts on my behalf. Is there a generic mode or something?
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    Gruber asked the Apple people at WWDC, but they wouldn't comment on it other than that they are aware of the issue.
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    Apr 16, 2015
    Yes the alleged lack of basic BT connectivity is troubling. Moreover AirPlay is kind of a mess at the moment. Anybody who knows my TV password, can hijack my AirPlay stream at any time. It's incredibly annoying at the office where all the TVs are set up with the same password to make it easy for anyone to connect to any TV, but if someone doesn't know which one they're connecting to or forget, they'll hijack my display, often right in the middle of a task.
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    There is a small, but important, use case that the Echo Show fills. For people who are unable or unwilling to use a phone, tablet or computer or just want a speech-driven device, but still want to do video calls the Echo Show is extremely user-friendly once you get it set-up.
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    ^^^ Another human being who still makes Netflix mail them Blu-rays?! I am not alone in the universe! <sniff>

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