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Aug 8, 2016
Does anyone know how to customize the Finder Menu Bar Window Menu so that it reverts to the former behavior? I'd like that the alphabetically ordered list of open windows at the menu's bottom is showing just the active window tabs again and none of the inactive tabs.


Until the switch to macOS Mojave and since the feature of tabbed Finder windows was introduced by OS X Mavericks, I was organizing windows by populating them with many different, but related tabs. Before minimizing a tabbed window for moving it to the dock, I was activating the most descriptive tab. That tab's name showed up in the Window Menu and thus I could easily select the proper window to maximize it again.

Right now it's a mess to find the wanted window from a long and IMHO somewhat infelicitous structured alphabetical order. Many meaningless names do appear and polluting the sight – i.e. 10 times a folder named 'site' or 'root' is just confusing and not helping at all to maximize the desired window whereas the descriptive tabs that once were the only ones visible in the Window Menu are just getting lost. The new feature to have all these entries in the menu window without any indenting or sub-structuring of related window tabs is just distracting me.

Maybe someone can point me to the right plist setting to edit for hiding again inactive tabs in the Finder Window Menu?
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