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Jun 20, 2023

I'm using my White Macbook 2010 as my primary laptop since a couple of weeks ago. It has 10 GB ram and a 120 GB SSD, so as snappy as it can be.. However I've noticed that processes like MRT are really killing my Macbook, I've tried both High Sierra and Monterey (on OCLP) and the problem seems to be MRT (1.93), because I had no issues in High Sierra before I installed all the security updates.

As it is now MRT goes up to around 200% and keeps that way for at least 20-30 minutes, which makes it pretty much unusable when I take it to school etc. I was thinking about installing another macOS, for example Catalina, using dosdude1's Catalina Patcher, but I have a feeling it would be the same.

Is this a problem for 2010 models or something like that? I've googled and some people goes in to the terminal and disable the MRT app. That doesn't sound like a great solution.

As I see it I have tre alternatives:

1. Disable MRT
2. Reinstall macOS and keep from installing the newer security updates
3. Try other macOS updates and see if someone doesn't have the same issue.

What do you think, any other alternatives?


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Jan 12, 2023
Well, RAM and storage are certainly all good... but, I think the issue here is, as you say, CPU?

Those two attributes are and (i'm assuming) have been upgraded, but I don't think you can change CPU. And... a CPU that's from an entry level laptop from 13 years ago doesn't spell "compatible with the second most-recent OS" to me.

I'd recommend just getting a new laptop or keeping that one on an older OS.
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