1. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    MS Office vs Google Workspace

    I'm looking to migrate to a new suite of productivity apps for my small business, and the Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) is one consideration. I've used MS Office for many many years, but it's starting to become a little bloated and expensive for my needs. I want to move away from 365...
  2. agraden

    Which web browser consumes the least amount of CPU + energy?

    I've used Chrome, Safari and Edge. Apple told me Safari is best but I'm not seeing that since my 2020 MBP with 16gb of RAM turns it's jet engine fan on much of the time. What have you found to be the most energy efficient browser for your Mac?
  3. P

    will an M1 laptop solve my fan issue with external display?

    My 2015 MacBook Pro 15" finds it hard to drive an external 4k display, and the fans go crazy when watching YouTube full screen, even 720p. This is over DisplayPort, and also happened with a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" nTB. I use it in clamshell mode, so it doesn't even have to drive 2 displays...
  4. P

    M1ssing Register Access Controls Leak EL0 State

    My friend just sent me this website: https://m1racles.com/ (not sure if I can post this link here just like that) with quite a lot of information about a bug in M1 chip and I'm quite amazed that I didn't saw this topic here on macrumors, is this something that just came out? what do you think?
  5. S

    A2159 gets hot and nothing else?

    Hey all, so a while back I had a friend give me an A2159 (2019 MacBook Pro) chassis with everything in it except for the motherboard to toy around with. I decided a little while back that it was time to buy a board off of eBay to see if I can get it working. So, I buy an untested board for 200$...
  6. B

    Is Mac Mini 70-80° CPU Proximity temperature is high?

    I bought a second-hand Mac Mini (5,2) for Plex. CPU Proximity temperature often raises above 70°-80° (when copying files). Should I be worried / consider returning the Mac Mini? Or is it in the normal threshold (meaning I can probably use it for a couple of years to come).
  7. N

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5.1 2012 - Upgrade Help

    Hey all - I have a mid 2012 Mac Pro and I love it. I love that I can add my own cards to it and stuff but it's stuck in the past and I don't know what core changes I need to do to make it relevant. I can't move past Sierra, my USB-C card I installed doesn't work because there are no thunderbolt...
  8. Q

    Unable to Boot Windows from External Hard Drive on MacBook Pro

    Lately, I've been trying to create a bootable USB drive with Windows installed on it that I can plug into and boot on my MacBook Pro. I followed this tutorial to the word, right up the part where he modifies the boot security settings to permit booting from external sources. My Mac is old enough...
  9. Vowles

    MP 1,1-5,1 12 core 2.93Ghz upgrade

    Hi there, I currently have a 5,1 2010 Mac Pro of the 12 core 2.93 GHz variant, however I was wondering if there was much of a performance boost to upgrading the CPUs to the last release 3.46GHz? I have found it hard to find a direct comparison between the two and was wondering if anyone had any...
  10. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro CPU Not Working

    Eu tenho um Mac Pro 2006 e recentemente tive dois problemas (e ainda tenho). a primeira é: apenas um processador funciona, enquanto o outro, a partir do sinal da vida, mas o sistema não o reconhece. A segunda é: recentemente coloquei o windows 10 nele, estava usando o mac os yosemite by Patch...
  11. T

    cpu Temperatures

    Hey i got a question. I have a widget installed named "fanny". that tells me the current cpu temperature. But also at the same time i have terminal running sudo powermetrics -s smc | grep -i „CPU die temperature“. Comparing now both temperatures there are off all the time. sometimes off by 10...
  12. 206skd

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 1 1 cpu fan running full speed

    The system boots fine but right when it starts up the cpu fans rev up all the way to full. When I check fan control it shows that cpu b heatsink is running extremely hot. Also, the top ram riser isn't recognized for some reason. Could this be a logic board issue?
  13. N

    Safari vs Chrome CPU Usage on Youtube

    After 11.2 Big Sur update, I decided to make a little comparison between Safari and Chrome's CPU usage on YouTube. My Chrome version is M1 optimized 88.0.4324.96. My device is 8 256 MP Pro. I opened same 8k 60fps video on both browsers. I did same comparison plugged and unplugged, seemed nothing...
  14. jaydenhbecker

    Help deciding best imac Pro specs for 4k video editing and VFX

    Hi y'all. Need some help! I am planning on purchasing the iMac pro 2020. I do 4k music video editing usually with heavy effects. The 2020 iMac pro starts with a 10 core processor. I can't decide if I should upgrade to the 14 core? OR if I should upgrade my graphics card from the radeon pro 56...
  15. At_Op45

    MP 1,1-5,1 4,1 cMP not booting after firmware/part upgrade

    Hi everyone, I hope this finds you well. I’m having some issues with my 4,1 early 2009 cMP. The issues came after I seemingly successfully flashed it to a 5,1 with the previously working configuration and shut it down to install new ram and CPUs. Previously working configuration: El Capitan...
  16. cchavez

    Mojave Patcher Issues 2010 iMac 11,2

    I got it all installed Mojave boots up, (used dosdude patcher) works good even logged on then all of a sudden crashes, I get the 3 beeping sounds and computer is frozen. Have to reset to get it to stop and then it does it all over again, tried PRAM and still doesn’t work. This model has the ATI...
  17. Nunon311

    iMac Mid 2007 CPU fan in full blast! Constantly....!

    Hi all! For about a month now,on my 24" mid 2007 iMac, the CPU fan is working in full, constantly, and wow, it's loud, unbearably loud..! I've looked in forums, in apple, everywhere and can't find a solution. (see photo for data) Most common reason is due to a replacement of the HDD. I...
  18. ccrivia13

    MP 1,1-5,1 CPU upgrade Mac Pro 4.1 (single CPU)

    Hey everyone! I would like to upgrade the CPU in my Mac Pro 4,1 - xeon w3520 to x5690. I now read that a delidding might be necessary. Mainly about be dual CPU models, but also about the single CPU models, such as mine. Now I wanted to ask if it really is necessary or recommended (in this...

    Intel or Apple: A simple poll

    Just looking to put some numbers as to what people are going to choose now - not a year out. Feel free to leave comments
  20. K

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro Upgraded CPU resulting in Black Screen

    I have a 2009 Mac Pro which I successfully (with the help of this forum) upgraded to 5,1 to Mojave running a RX580. Got it to run and work off of my NVME. Everything at this point works, the screen works. I then upgraded the CPU to dual X5680 3.33 ghz, which I purchased used off of Ebay that...