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  1. L

    MBP M1 Max - supspicious GPU usage

    So I've bought MBP M1 Max 32 cores less last month. Since then I've been monitoring CPU & GPU usage and temperatures by iStat Menus. Until yesterday CPU usage rarely exceeded 8-10% (GPU even less, I'd say 3-5%) and temperatures showed 48-55 °C. To be honest, that is because I didn't run more...
  2. S

    Does your MacBook Pro 14" feel warm to touch on light office workloads?

    Hello, I have been using my new MacBook for over 2 weeks now. And I notice this machine feel warm (not hot) in my lap and keyboard just under easy office work (email, browsers, music...) average CPU temp sits at about 52º-55º Celsius. I find it quite high compared to my previous M1 MBP which...
  3. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac pro 4.1 not booting after cpu upgrade

    Hi guys, Ive got (what once was) a working mac pro 4.1 flashed to 5.1 and bought a pair of used x5690s on ebay. I wanted to upgrade the stock CPUs to the x5690s on my dual cpu mac pro. Im aware that these must be delidded to avoid thermal problems, however, prior to delidding i wanted to test...
  4. M

    Low CPU speed

    I have a problem with my macbook probably connected to the CPU. When I play the game Valorant there is a very low CPU speed (below 1GHz) which lowers my FPS so I can't play the game smoothly. This thing didn't occur a few days ago and my game was running smoothly. The temperatures are still the...
  5. W

    I wish to be like Johny Srouji.

    I'm a computer engineering student and Apple Silicon is the very thing that inspired me to change my major from computer science to engineering. I heard about how Johny Srouji is in charge of the development of Apple Silicon and how he got really good grades all throughout primary, secondary...
  6. J

    Upgrade GPU and CPU for a late-2009 Imac

    Hi everyone ! I will have in the next few weeks the old Imac late-2009 with a core 2 duo 3.06GHz and a Geforce 9400M from my dad, and I plan to upgrade it. I already have upgraded the ram to 16Gb and I will change the HDD for a SSD. I already have an unused old Q8400 and I would like to know if...
  7. P

    What can I do with my 2006 Core2Duo MBP?

    Clarification: 17" 2006 MacBook Pro Intel Core2Duo 2.33gHz (I think) Tldr; my 2006 Core2Duo MBP is useless because MacOS patchers only work with 2007 and later macs. Could I replace the cpu with a newer one to 'convert' it into a 2008 MBP? Alternatively, are there any web browsers that allow me...
  8. ThatGuyInLa

    Cpu running HOT and heavy load with latest YT update.

    Not sure what’s going on but as of mid January 2022, the YT app is getting heavy cpu usage and a very hot iPhone. Making all aware in case it’s happening to anyone else. It’s of course causing fast battery drain too.
  9. Made In Machines

    Are All M1 Pro chips binned versions of the Pro Max?

    Are ALL M1 Pro chips binned versions of the Pro Max (including the 10 core CPU and 16 core GPU M1 Pro)? Or is the Pro Max a different processor so not all M1 Pros are binned? In that case the: 24 core GPU Pro Max is a binned 32 core GPU Pro Max 8 Core CPU 14 Core GPU is a binned version of the...
  10. GoztepeEge

    Does a thermal paste renewal make a real difference after 6 years? (MBP Early 2015 13")

    Hi everyone. I have a MBP Retina 13" Early 2015, which is in the service at the apple, they are replacing the top case incl. a new battery. After this process is done, I am planning to proceed with more improvements on my computer: SSD and thermal paste. There are lots of people on youtube...
  11. Patrick Piao

    M1 Pro 8Core or 10Core CPU?

    Hey Guys, I am starting a tech youtube channel and I'm planning to get the 14 inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro chip for video editing. I am currently using the MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) and it lacks at editing videos, the videos I usually deal with are ether 1080HD or...
  12. woefi

    4k iMac 2019 21" hardware upgrades

    Hi, all! This summer I finally bought the last upgradable (and also the cheapest) 4K iMac, which I had on my list for almost two years. Purchase trigger: The price on Amazon dropped from € 1200 to € 940 for the 6core i5, 8GB, 256GB and Radeon 560X model. It can still run Mojave and 32bit...
  13. M

    Resolved CPU Upgrades - The PowerMac G4 Digital Audio (DA)

    Hello! Currently, I have not seen someone confirm a Gigabit Ethernet CPU working in a Digital Audio. I have seen Gigabit Ethernet G4 CPU's around on eBay and some are even dual CPUs. This one I'm looking at here being at dual 800Mhz. eBay Link This reportedly being compatible with the...
  14. PeterLC

    Adding 16GB to core GPU or to RAM

    I'm thinking of just the BASIC 16" MBP, 16 core GPU, 16GB RAM and 512 GB or 1TB SSD but am also considering soon buying X-Plane 11/12. I don't intend to run anything else that is 'heavy' (at the same time) but, other than gaming, need some RAM to work with spreadsheets. I kind of understand...
  15. KingCornWallis

    MP 1,1-5,1 RAM Slots not Working on Mac Pro 4,1

    I have a Mac Pro 4,1 (flashed to 5,1) Dual CPU Tray and booted it up after being in storage for the last 3 months to find that Slots 3 and 4 of tray are not working; RAM installed in these slots are not detected by macOS. It is my understanding that slots 3 and 4 are connected, and if one is...
  16. A

    iMac 21.5" mid-2010 CPU and GPU upgrade

    Hi all, this is my first post. I own a 21.5" mid-2010 iMac mounting a 3,06 GHz Intel Core i3-540 CPU and a very bad ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB. Since it is still running well, and I would like to upgrate its CPU to an i5-680 and its GPU to Nvidia Quadro K2000M (MXM-A), but I have some concerns...
  17. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    MS Office vs Google Workspace

    I'm looking to migrate to a new suite of productivity apps for my small business, and the Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) is one consideration. I've used MS Office for many many years, but it's starting to become a little bloated and expensive for my needs. I want to move away from 365...
  18. agraden

    Which web browser consumes the least amount of CPU + energy?

    I've used Chrome, Safari and Edge. Apple told me Safari is best but I'm not seeing that since my 2020 MBP with 16gb of RAM turns it's jet engine fan on much of the time. What have you found to be the most energy efficient browser for your Mac?
  19. P

    will an M1 laptop solve my fan issue with external display?

    My 2015 MacBook Pro 15" finds it hard to drive an external 4k display, and the fans go crazy when watching YouTube full screen, even 720p. This is over DisplayPort, and also happened with a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" nTB. I use it in clamshell mode, so it doesn't even have to drive 2 displays...
  20. P

    M1ssing Register Access Controls Leak EL0 State

    My friend just sent me this website: (not sure if I can post this link here just like that) with quite a lot of information about a bug in M1 chip and I'm quite amazed that I didn't saw this topic here on macrumors, is this something that just came out? what do you think?