HomePod HomeKit problems since adding HomePod. Please help!

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    I have been using HomeKit fairly successfully for about a year. There would be an occasional No Response in the Home App or from Siri, but those were usually temporary. I added my HomePod to the mix yesterday and since then, I have been getting more and more No Response notifications.

    My Setup:

    2 Apple TV 4s (One was the previous Home hub)

    1 Apple TV 4K

    1 HomePod

    2 iHome Outlet Plugs

    1 iHome Outdoor Outlet Plug

    1 Ecobee 3 Thermostat with 3 additional sensors

    1 Schlage Sense deadbolt

    1 Lutron-Caseta Home Hub with 7 light switches throughout the home

    Verizon FiOS router with 2 additional repeaters throughout the house (Dual Band)

    The HomePod automatically takes over as the hub once it is set up. I had originally set it up with my iPhone on the 5.8 GHz network, but once I realized that the HomePod was automatically the home hub I reset it to the 2.4 GHz network since most of the HomeKit devices I have only work over 2.4 GHz.

    The Schlage Sense gave me troubles for a bit until I realized that you needed to “reset” it by unlocking and locking it a few times on the new hub and it works great again.

    The Lutron-Caseta devices all work fantastic and have never given me any trouble. This is probably due to the hub being hardwired into my network.

    My iHome devices have always given me some trouble sporadically, but usually an unplug and replug fixed it. These are currently working as expected now, but they usually switch to No Response after about 10 min of working.

    My Ecobee 3 is currently giving me my problem. I can access it through the Ecobee app, but the Home app shows no response. I have removed the Ecobee from HomeKit as well as restarted the thermostat and nothing is getting it to stop showing No Response. It was working fine before the HomePod addition, although there were a few times that it would go to No Response. If I do switch to my 2.4 GHz network it usually will pick it up, but before HomePod it would always work from the 5.8 GHz network.

    TL;DR: Added HomePod to my home and now Ecobee 3 only works in Ecobee app, not in Home or with Siri. Reset and re-addition to Homekit didn’t fix the issue.

    Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
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    Created a network I'd that was locked to 2.4 and connected all the homekit items to it. Solve my issue prior to that I has a single network and the router was switching between 2.4 and 5 it was apple support that solved it for me. I have had no issues since
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    My Verizon router has 2 separate networks, one 2.4g and one 5.8g. All of the HomeKit devices are connected to the 2.4g one. Is that like your setup?
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    Yes For the Ecobee I would try resetting it by removing the face and put it back on.
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    its most likely your firewall. I have had issues too and found using Wireshark that its are getting blocked. the 2 multicast seem to be the most important, but found the 2 unicast address being blocked as well so I put them in the allowed list. since doing this everything has been rock solid
    68.17715.179 Multicast
    224.00.22 Multicast
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    Would this be changed in Port Forwarding settings or in port triggering settings? There doesn’t seem to be a place where I can just unblock the addresses you listed without picking more settings. Sorry, I am new to exploring router settings.
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    I believe its port triggering you need as your homekit devices will initiate the connection and then trigger the hole to allow the packets back in. as the firewall will trust the connection being it was initiated from your local network.

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